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Developing a marketing plan using good marketing activities

cupsofcoffee37472685.jpgHaving a good marketing plan is the foundation to a successful business. Business owners know the importance of a sound marketing plan because it will not only help your business break into the market; it will help your business grow for the future. Most businesses want to achieve success, but most of these businesses are unsure of how to plan for it.

A marketing plan will include a marketing calendar full of different marketing activities. What are some of the most important marketing activities to use? It all depends upon your market segment as well as your customers. If you have customers that respond favorably to a marketing activity you used (like pay-per-click marketing) you can plan to use this again now or in the future. If your customers didn't respond to a marketing activity (like a newspaper ad) you can plan to place it on the back burner for awhile. Perhaps you can try it again in a few years to see if it can achieve success, but don't just give up on a particular marketing activity because you weren't successful with it the first time you tried it.

To help you figure out if your marketing activities are successful, you need to write down your net profit. Some businesses can make a lot of money, but it won't do you a lot of good if you are spending too much money on advertising and production costs. A marketing plan should have a number written down as to how much money you need to make each week to break even. This will help you work harder to achieve a certain number of sales per week. Develop a marketing strategy that uses low-cost marketing activities that produce a high return. Determine which type of advertising methods you are going to use to help your business re-coop the money you invested. Then you can figure out how to find a way to get customer referrals, and get customers to buy more often.

Breaking-even should be your initial planning phase and then it must move onto expanding your business. Start your marketing plan by choosing 5-10 marketing activities you want to try. Then plan another 5-10 and continue moving on from there. Over time you will have 15-20 marketing activities happening at the same time.

There are numerous marketing activities you can participate in. Depending upon your company image and the business field you are in, you may need to spend some time working on building your company reputation and setting yourself apart in your industry. Create a blog and participate in discussion groups. You need to let others hear your opinion mixed with factual evidence so people will understand why they need to come to you when they have questions.

It is wise to spend time on advertising, this helps to get your name out there and embed it in your customer's minds. The more customers see your name and your advertisements, the more they will remember you and possibly purchase your product.

Continue spending time on market research and look for ways you can improve your existing product. It is important to spend some time figuring out who your customer is and how you can find ways to please them. Sometimes re-creating your existing product is all you need to do to boost your sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Constantly look at your marketing strategy and find ways to improve it. If your sales start to drop, don't panic, have a back-up plan and look for ways you can improve your sales for the next week. Take time to plan for new marketing activities on a weekly basis if you really want to build your business and stay around for several years.

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