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Direct mail marketing ideas

Have you used a direct mail campaign in the past? If you need to boost sales in a hurry, direct mail is one of the best ways in which you can reach out to your customers and create stronger relationships with them. Direct mail almost always guarantees some type of return because your customers that you are targeting are those that already have a given interest in your company and have a desire to buy your products. You need to show them that you appreciate their loyalty by offering them a discount or something that they will greatly appreciate.

Direct mail is something that has been used for many years as a way to quickly increase sales and remind customers of your company. With direct mail you need to watch your costs as they can quickly go up. There are some people that will see their costs skyrocket because they spend too much on printing and then suddenly they are fronted with a large postal bill. You need to get quotes from the post office as far as bulk mailing goes so you can be prepared for it. Then you can worry about the printing costs like what type of colors you would like to use and so forth. Some people like to stick with 2 tone colors because it is cheaper where others will opt for more colors to draw more attention. No matter what you do, get a lot of price quotes to ensure that it is affordable.

The goal with direct mail marketing is to ensure that it grabs the customers attention. You need them to see the postcard or flyer and immediately have a desire to open it and read it. Using action words will help to give them this desire and then you need to consider using some action words inside the brochure to really keep people interested in what you have to say. Marketing is focused on building connections and communication with your customers. You need to look at how you can do this with direct mail. What are you offering these customers? Are you giving them a discount for being loyal to your company? Your customers want to connect with your company but it will be hard for them to do this if you do not show them any type of loyalty or reward in return.

Like many marketing campaigns a direct mail campaign needs to be well thought out. You need to look at some of the things that customers tend to get annoyed by and try to avoid this at all costs. Here are some of the things that will turn customers away from wanting to open a direct mail letter or promotion:
- Getting too much spam - customers hate being spammed. When you send out letter after letter you will do nothing but annoy them. You need to send out information that is authentic and only when you have something to offer. Credibility will go a long way in helping you to create stronger connections with your customers. Consistency in your mailings like once a month can help you to create this type of credibility.
- Long surveys - with mail pieces you want to keep them short and simple. A mail campaign that is incredibly long is hard to read and your customers aren't going to take the time to sit around and fill out these long surveys. You need to try and keep it to a page minimum and keep the font large enough for them to read.
- Cluttered messages - it is easy to try and fit too much information into a direct mail campaign. You need to watch out for cluttered messages and try to limit how much information you are posting on the brochure. Include a call to action and a personalized message for the customers.

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