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Direct Mail marketing overview and basics

If you are a company wondering which direction to go for marketing you may consider a direct mailing program.For any business, but especially for a small business, a direct mailing campaign can be crucial.It is an easy way to reach a targetable audience and is a very affordable marketing plan.Not only that, but it is extremely simple to do!

Any good direct mailing program starts with two basic components, a message and an audience.What message are you trying to share and whom are you sharing it with?A successful mailing must reach the right person, be read by that person and persuade that person to buy something or to agree to receive a follow-up call from your company.Therefore, getting your message in front of the right audience is the most crucial element in your direct mail campaign.There are a few key elements in doing this.

First, identify your audience.Do you want to target existing customers or new ones?What common characteristics and traits do they share?You must know your audience.This is a crucial step when putting together a successful direct mail campaign. You do not want to waste your company's time or money on an audience who would not benefit or rely on your services.

Next, put together a good mailing list.You want your list to be targeted, accurate and as current as possible.You can do this by purchasing lists from companies such as rental companies, phone books, public records, local organizations, magazines, etc..You can even get mailing lists with demographics tailored to target the audience you want.However, check your lists!Make sure that there are no duplicated names, incorrect zip codes or name typos.A study by the U.S. Postal service showed that 43 million people move every year.They offer services to help you verify your lists.Most importantly, make sure your lists are updated.A lot of time and money can be wasted if you are sending your mailings to the wrong place.

Your next step would be creating a message that you want to send to your targeted mailing list.An effective direct mail contains a few important elements.You can if you choose create your own direct mailer or hire a company to do it for you.You want your mailer to be creative and catch the attention of its receiver.If you need ideas, a great way to get new ones is simply by looking in your own mailbox.You probably receive hundreds of direct mailers each year.Pick out the ones that you like and think are clever.Put them aside and get inspiration from them to create your own mailer.Make sure to use words that grab your audience's attention.Create mailers that are easy to read and directly to the point.Look at previous successful mail campaigns and learn from other research.You may have to test a few mailers to see what kind of success rate you have.You may want to change around the design if it doesn't produce the results you are hoping for. You may also want to send out mailers to similar groups in your audience to see which ones result the most success.The success of your direct mail marketing is relative and depends on you goals.However, a successful direct mail campaign should eventually generate enough revenue to cover the costs of the mailing.

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