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Direct mail marketing versus Internet marketing

In this day of wireless communication direct mail marketing versus Internet marketing needs to be closely looked at.It you are in the need of marketing you need to look at direct mail marketing verses Internet marketing to see the benefits and cons of each.

To begin with both direct mail marketing and internet marketing are going to be worth your while for advertising and marketing any products.Some aspects are very similar.For both direct mail marketing and Internet marketing you need to obtain a list of your targeted area or people.Both direct mail marketing and Internet marketing will cost you money to get started and both direct mail marketing and Internet marketing will be worth it in the end.Direct mail marketing or Internet marketing may turn out to be better for your marketing needs.

Looking at direct mail marketing- you send paper to individual mailboxes.This is beneficial because those you have sent it to have physical evidence of what you have to offer.They get to see and hold on to it for a while.With Internet marketing you may get deleted before they ever see your message, because they won't know your email address.

With direct mail marketing it is easier to direct your mailings to a certain area.If you are only able to supply your products or services to an area close to you, direct mail marketing could be the easiest and most cost efficient marketing so you can target your area geographically.With Internet marketing not many email address are specified to a concentrated area.

By using direct mail marketing you are able to send postcards through the mail.The advantage of postcards is that your targeted audience will see some of the advertisement before the chance of throwing it away.Thus increasing your chance of having that person as a customer.If you have more information than what will fit on a postcard you can still do envelops and letters.People are curious and will want to see what you've got to offer, so most will open an envelope or even a piece of paper folded.

Many areas have mailing groups you can join and then you can market your products or services to a lot of customers with not too much out of pocket.A lot of potential customers will want to see personally what it is you have to offer and will want to come in to your store after receiving your direct mail marketing postcard, letter or flyer.

To look at Internet marketing- you send your products or services information to individuals through their email addresses. Having a website for customers to see what you have to offer is a great way to keep your online marketing audience knowing what you have and what you can do for them.

You can target huge areas geographically and millions of people by getting a list or two of email addresses to send email flyers to.With all the Internet use these days there are so many people out there looking for what they need online and not shopping in a store.

With Internet marketing you can also have your business and type of work be put on search engines. Search engines are what online surfers use to search out what they are looking for.You can have your business name and what it is you have to offer put on as many search engines as you'd like, that way your website can get more hits.The more hits you get the better business is.It is easier for potential customers to click on a link to go to your web site than it is for them to get in the car and go to your store.

By using online marketing you the seller have the ability to market your products or services to so many people in the world if you choose to.You can even post your products on selling web sites.Some local selling and trading websites even let you list your products or services for free.You wouldn't have to use any of your own marketing funds to market your products on the Internet.

Direct mail marketing verses Internet marketing is up to you the retailer or wholesaler and who and what it is you what to market to.Try both Internet and direct mail marketing; see which one is best for you and your business.

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