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Direct marketing

discussion8075165.jpgThere are several different forms of successful marketing strategies. One type of marketing is referred to as direct marketing. This article discusses what direct marketing is, a few examples of direct marketing, the good and bad aspects of direct marketing, and whether or not a company or marketing team should use direct marketing.

What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is actually a sub-discipline of marketing. Companies use direct marketing to send their marketing message directly to their consumers instead of using the media. Direct marketing is also different from other types of marketing strategies because it focuses on "call-to-action." This type of direct marketing asks consumers to go to a website or to call a phone number to give their opinion about the company. These types of direct marketing are measurable and trackable by the company.

What are some examples of direct marketing?

There are other ways that companies use direct marketing other than having a consumer visit a website or call a phone number to give feed back to a company. Those options for direct marketing require the customer to make the first move. But there are some types of direct marketing that sort of make it easier for the customer to give feedback to the company. Examples of these include email, telemarketing, and direct mail. A company can send an email or a postcard, or call a customer and request feedback about the company.

There are other examples of direct marketing that use media. Some of these examples of direct marketing include: package inserts, magazines, radio, billboards, television, door hangers, newspapers, digital campaigns, and pay-per-click ads.

The good

One of the main reasons why marketers like to use direct marketing as their form of marketing is because they generally get a pretty good response. Indirect marketing is harder to measure than direct marketing which makes direct marketing seem like a better way to get responses from customers.

Direct marketing can be really good for companies because it can make sure that the company reaches the target market they want to reach with their marketing. Using other types of marketing cannot always make certain to reach specific people.

The bad

One of the main problems that marketing teams have to deal with when they choose to use direct marketing is that they generally get only positive feedback. And while that can seem encouraging, they may not always be getting the whole truth about what the majority of the customers really think about the company and/or the products and services the company offers.
Many consumers do not like to use direct marketing because it can be considered junk mail-or in the cyber world, spam. And they also do not like direct marketing because of environmental and lack of privacy reasons.

Should you use it?

Just as with any type of marketing, direct marketing has its good and bad aspects. Because every company is so different, there is not straight answer for whether or not they should use direct marketing. Each company should find out for themselves what type of marketing will work best for them. A good suggestion for any company who is trying to figure out what type of marketing will work best of them, is to try direct marketing out. They could start out by trying direct marketing out on a smaller scale and see if it is a good type of marketing for them to use.

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