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Easy marketing activities you need to use

businessmeeting30381062.jpgAny business that is trying to boost sales understands the importance of staying up to date with marketing activities. There are numerous types of marketing activities from researching past marketing strategies to trying new marketing activities like blogging. Here are some easy marketing activities you need to use if you are trying to keep your business running:

Tip # 1 - Research past marketing
One of the most important things you can do is to research your past marketing trends. You need to figure out what worked and what didn't work. Learning from your past can help you avoid some costly mistakes in the future. Make a list of all the different marketing activities you have done in the past and a list of your company growth during these times. This will help you figure out if any of them were successful and which ones you should continue using.

Tip # 2 - One-time marketing

Now that you have done some marketing in the past and you know what works, you can schedule some one-time marketing activities. One-time marketing refers to participating in some yearly things like thank-you mailers to your good customers or hosting a large conference or fair. One-time marketing doesn't need to be done daily, just once a year or once a quarter.

Tip # 3 - Long-term marketing
Your marketing calendar must plan for the future by incorporating some long-term marketing goals. Perhaps you want to expand your business from a local company into a national one. This would be considered a long-term marketing goal and this must be placed on the calendar, along with your plans on how you want to achieve it.

There are various types of marketing activities you can participate in to boost sales. If you want some help, here are some tips:

  • Participate in blogging. This is one of the easiest ways to set yourself apart in the industry as source of knowledge in your particular industry. People need to respect your company and this will only come from educating them about your company and the industry you are in.

  • Take part in new marketing trends like social networking. Many companies have found that Twitter is one of the best web sites to be on right now. Get involved with Twitter and Facebook, this can easily help your business grow and it will help you stay in the loop when it comes to learning about new marketing trends.

  • Send out newsletters to your target audience. You need to continue spending time marketing to your existing customer base and finding ways to reach a new one. Newsletters are useful tools for journalists that are looking to do a story on your company.

  • Don't neglect your existing customer base. Since repeat customers make up 8- percent of sales, it is important to spend some time making these customers happy and satisfied. You can spend millions to find new customers, but it is a better idea to spend some money to convince your existing customers to stay with you throughout the course of their lifetime.

  • Participate in partnerships with other companies. This is a wonderful way to lower your advertising costs and it helps to open the doors to a whole new world of customers for your business. Partnerships are a great way to help you if you are struggling to find your niche in the business and it's a great way to boost your reputation (if you partner with a solid company).

There are numerous marketing activities out there that you can try; hopefully these tips can help you get started with your marketing calendar.

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