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Easy Ways To Suck Prospects Into Your Sales Letter And Keep Them Reading!

If you want your sales letters to hold your prospect’s attention like a car accident … if you want readers to stick inside your ads like flies stuck in a glob of glue… then keep reading because I’m going to reveal the secret for creating your own "stick like glue" sales letters and ads.

The biggest challenge we face when writing a sales letter is keeping the prospect engaged. Lose them for a moment and they’ll drift off into slumber, or more likely, click away from your web page. Either way, you’ll lose them forever.

To really boost the effectiveness of your sales letter, you need to feed your prospects ALL of the information they need to make a decision to order.

How can you keep prospects hanging on your next words so you can give them all the information you need to Here’s two powerful ways…


This technique is absolutely devastating!

It works by dangling a carrot in front of your prospect. You get them interested in something you say, and then you make the promise to reveal the explicit details further in the letter.

Here’s how it works. I might say to you…

"I learned this devastatingly powerful secret that works every time, and has a proven track record of instantly doubling a sales letter’s conversion like magic. Best of all, you can apply this to your sales letter with two minutes of work, and I guarantee that it will instantly increase your conversion. In a moment, I’m going to tell you how to use this amazing little technique in your own sales letter. But first…"

And after I say "but first", I can continue spoon-feeding the prospect more information on my offer.

If you know your prospect well (and you must), then you can imbed your copy with these little teasers to keep them hanging on your next word. Of course, you must deliver too. This technique will fail miserably if you get the prospect excited and don’t deliver.


Create questions in your sales letter that the prospect must have answers for. This works like crazy to keep your prospect interested.

For instance, if I was writing a letter for dog lovers introducing a new dog food, I could use a question like. "Can the wrong dog food really shorten the life of your pet by as much as 7 years"

I’ll tell you what. If you owned a dog you would be glued to the page to have your question answered. And in that time, where I start to give the answer, I can actually give more information about the product I’m offering.

And once I answer the first question, I add the second, and so on. I continue asking questions that the prospect must have answers for, and I effectively keep them stuck on the page.

But to make this technique work, you must ask questions that beg to be answered. Miss the mark with just one of your questions --create something they don’t care about -- and they’ll slip away into the darkness of cyberspace forever.

Both of these techniques are powerful when used correctly and can instantly boost your response by keeping the prospect interested enough to keep reading.

Take your time with using these ideas. Have a friend in your target audience read your sales letter with these techniques implanted, and dare them to try and put the letter down. If they refuse, then you know you have a letter that’s going to keep the prospect hanging on your next word.

By Grady Smith

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