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Email marketing, is it the right strategy for your business?

manoncomputer30342716.jpgAre you looking into different marketing tactics for your business? One strategy you need to look into is focusing on email marketing. Email marketing has been around for several years and its one of the easiest ways to get in touch with your customers and to send out promotions in a timely manner.

Unlike direct mail, when you send out emails it will cost your company literally nothing. The only cost you will deal with is the email hosting service or newsletter service. Direct mail also costs your company a lot of money in the form of printing and mailing services.

Is email the best way to reach your customers? Email can be beneficial as far as cost and usability goes but it may not be the best way to reach your customers. A number of your customers may never actually receive the emails and it leaves your company in a bit of a predicament as you are doing work yet nothing is coming from it.

Do you have an email list? If you don't have a list, you need to start collecting emails from your customers. Place a sign up sheet in your store or you may want to post on one your website where they will be able to sign up for it right there. Automated email services are now available and they allow you to set up automatic emails that will go out when a customer signs up for the email newsletters. You can set up the email newsletters to go out on an automated service but you want to have an actual person designing the emails. This way you can check over the email for all the little touches that it needs like a picture here or there or a change in content. However if you don't have a strong email list to send out your information to, an email campaign isn't going to be a big success.

Before you pull your other marketing efforts and you start focusing on email, you need to understand all of the factors that are involved. Does your target audience rely on email the way you do? Will they be able to acquire all of the information they need from your email campaigns? Always understand your target audience and consider if email is the best way to get in touch with them.

Are you able to get on the internet on a daily basis? Can you provide your customers with all of the help they need when they receive an email? You need to be able to respond to their questions in a timely manner in order to help the customers, especially if they want to buy products that you are promoting in the email. Being around for your customers will help you build better relationships with them. If you aren't around to answer these questions, they may turn to other companies for help.

Can you fit all of the information you need into an email? New product launches often require a handful of words to promote it properly. Do you have the room to include extra information in an email? Since customers spend less than 30 seconds on an email newsletter, you need to include just enough information to hook them and drive them back to your website for more. Adding too much content to your email will make them very cluttered and difficult to navigate. When they aren't clean and easy to read through, it will be hard for your customers to understand what message your email is trying to send. Keep your text and images to a smaller amount and send people back to your website for more information.

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