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Examples of marketing strategies

chart30392829.JPGMarketing strategies are as numerous as the companies that come up with them.Many times there is a lot riding on a company's marketing strategy.Many companies are defined by their marketing strategy.Take the M&M's brand for example.Their marketing strategy of "melts in your mouth, not in your hand," may very well have become more popular than the actual message of the candy's hard coating being used to make the product more convenient.There are dozens of more marketing strategies out there that have become larger than life.But creating a marketing strategy as large as those corporate giant companies is a bit intimidating to say the least.Most people start simple and build up to the multi-national marketing strategies that the big businesses are pushing.

Coming up with catchy slogans and colorful ads are definitely effective marketing strategies, but they are by no means the only marketing strategies out there.Some other examples of marketing strategies include traditional marketing, network marketing, and event marketing.Traditional marketing makes use of the idea of a business plan and a marketing plan to help define a target group for the particular product or service that is desired.Traditional marketing is the method that is used by most companies all over the world and has proven itself to be very effective and a worthwhile endeavor for most companies.On a smaller scale, this means that you focus your marketing resources on a specific group of individuals, rather than on the entire population (a feat to be undertaken by businesses that have billions to spend on advertising).Network marketing involves using people and relationships to push a product, rather than marketing to complete strangers.Companies that make use of network marketing strategies are also known as MLM or multilevel marketing firms.A very popular MLM company is Mary Kay Cosmetics.This company operates by having individuals contact those who they believe would be interested in their product.The sphere of influence is generally limited to friends, family, and neighbors but the relationship aspect that makes network marketing so popular is that customers are able to have one-on-one attention by the sales person and are able to more easily develop a relationship with that salesperson and a loyalty to the company.Event marketing is another approach to consider.Event marketing involves the use of different public events that a person may or may not pay to attend where they can distribute or learn more about a business and the products that a company or many companies offer.The most common forms of event marketing are trade shows, seminars, and workshops.Each of these venues should be considered differently and can each benefit a company in different ways.

Choosing the right marketing strategy can mean the difference between slow growth and rapid growth (and in some cases no growth at all).Researching marketing strategies to determine which ones would work best in your situation is generally a good idea.There are marketing research opportunities through a number of different companies and research methods including internet surveys, telephone calls, and written questionnaires.As you gather your marketing information and begin developing a marketing strategy that is tailored to the needs of your business, you may realize that your strategy is constantly evolving.This is a good thing!No marketing strategy is right all the time.As customer demands change, so too must your approach to marketing change.Fortunately, as you try new strategies it will become easier for you to read your customer and more effectively deliver a marketing strategy that keeps your customers coming back for more!

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