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From the failure mindset to success mindset in 3 easy steps.

Here is how to go from a failure mindset and get a success mindset in three easy steps. A failure mindset usually comes from not understanding the success that comes from the failures we experience.

To often people find that they fail at something, then with this failure they use entirely more energy on trying to feel bad about the failure. However if the same amount of energy were to be used to learn from that experience and start to use that energy to try again, there would be a higher level of success.

In order to turn a failure mindset into a success mindset, try using these three easy steps.

Step #1

Stop worrying about what you are not able to do, or what you have not done, or what might happen. When the mind energy is spent on these types of problems, there is little room for positive thinking, self-motivation, and success.

When a person takes that same energy and uses it to make their life happen, they come to find out that success is right around the corner. Visualizing that you are successful will help successful things happen.


Start small. Ok, this may not be what you had planned; however this is what we do to start our children out with a positive self-esteem and a motivated attitude for success. Think of that feeling when you first rode your bike with no training wheels for three seconds. Those three seconds felt like a lifetime, the joy and success what unforgettable.

If you start enjoying your successes no matter how small, it will be easier to strive for the larger successes. We all start somewhere. Getting the pattern going is what will make the change from a failure mindset to a successful mindset happen.

Step #3

Assume success. This can be difficult if you are afraid of failure. However if you consider the fact that failure is just the step before success, then you will find that even the most successful people in history have succeeded from failures.

This is the strongest idea that needs to be put into action in order to change the way of thinking. If a person is afraid of failure, they may not take the risks to succeed. This will inhibit the possibilities to succeed.

These three steps with a good support team will make it easy to change a failure mindset to a successful one. Therefore it is all up to you. There are many self-help books, which contain similar information for changing your mindset. You can also find a great deal of information on the Internet.

Whatever options you want to go with in order to learn about success, it is in your head to make the change happen. If you get a partner in crime to start this process, it may be easier. This person will be your core support in your support team. Start by asking them to listen to your thought, and reevaluate them. This is helpful because if you are not in a positive mindset, it is that much harder to see the positives.

As time goes by the more you learn to see the success in your actions, the easier it will be to see these successes. At first it may seem silly to think of one action, or one minute, or one bike ride as a success, however that is where it all starts.

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