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Getting past the "No" has never been so easy.

Getting past the "No" has never been so easy. If you have ever worked a sell hard and came to the answer "No" then you know how disappointing that can be. It used to be hard to get past that "No". However with a few tips, you can get to that "Yes" you are working for.

The first and key tip to making it to the "Yes" is the strong belief in yourself and your product. More people will buy from someone who is confident, and sure of themselves and product. People love to be around happy, strong people. They want to be like happy strong people, and finally they want to buy from happy, strong people.

There should be absolutely no doubt in your mind that a customer will say, "Yes". In fact they will not only say yes, but they will be happy about it. This will be where tip number two comes in.

The second tip to making sure you get to the "Yes" is helping your customer understand that they need what you are selling. Regardless of what you are selling, you will get more sells if you follow a simple pattern. This pattern will help you help your customer.

  1. Introduce yourself and find out who the customer is.
  2. Talk about what the customer needs. This includes listening to the customer's answers.
  3. Identify the type of customer you have.
  4. Help the customer trust you buy giving options, and answering questions.

This is where the third tip comes into play. You want to know as much as possible about your product. If you can create a trust and comfort level with your customer, you will be more likely to get a "Yes" answer on the sale.

This rapport is imperative to getting the sell with customers who are not sure if they want the product. There are customers who will buy the product just because that is who they are or it was what they were looking for. However, the rapport will help them buy the product with a smile on their face.

The fourth tip is all you. Ok, well it is all about you. The uniqueness you have is what you need to show emphasis on. If you are great at telling stories, tell a story. If you are a wiz in the area that your product is in, make sure to give a few tips. If you like to make people happy, make sure you meet their every need. Your unique qualities need to go to work for you. This is what will create a personal feeling to the sell. If the customer gets to know you, they will not want to tell you "No" as easily.

The final tip that will help you through to the end of the "Yes" sale is to stay persistent. Do not be those nagging, and pushy sales man, but keep the customer talking. Maintain your focus on listening, then giving great information about the product you are representing.

You will want to come up with professional questions that will help you stay in the process of the sale. This can be as simple as asking a question about the last thing they just stated as an objection. For example: "I don't have the money for that right now." You could respond: "I understand", If you would not mind to talk with me for ten minutes, if you do not find what I have to offer you is worth your time, I would not want to detain you any longer.

Getting to the "Yes" is all up to you. However using these tips in sales can make it easier than it ever was before. There is a science to selling, and if you use the logical information that is given to you, it will become as simple as 2+2.

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