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Google Wants You

I am about to show you how thousands of webmasters are quietly pocketing thousands of dollars every month for doing nothing.

Well, almost nothing.

Here's the scoop:

Google started a pay-per-click program called "AdWords" some time ago. You have likely seen some Adwords ads at the right hand side of Google searches or on many websites (like a few pages on mine.)

While those ads generate solid revenue for Google, they also generate revenue for the websites which show them to their visitors.

The program for webmasters is called "Google AdSense."

It's free to sign up and can create "solid bank". While Google prohibits me from giving you the specific results I am getting, here is some general information people have sent me about their own AdSense experience:

* A dozen page review site with only marginal traffic making $100 per week without any work on the part of its owner.

* A directory site making $600 per week with solid search engine position.

* Sites averaging from 1 cent to over 40 cents per visit.

Keep in mind the majority of these sites are small, static sites not requiring much effort on the part of the owner. If you have been struggling to have a solid, virtually hands-off, income, this might just be for you.

How can you tap into this profitable income generator? Here are some keys:

1. Choose a Topic with Lots of Ads

Using a tool like this one:
look for topics where you are likely to see lots of competition for ads. Typically these will provide you with the highest dollars per click.

2. Put up a free content site

This is key to success in this arena-you have to create a site with solid, valuable content in the market niche.

Since you want as much free search engine traffic as possible, optimizing your site is key to your success. One of the ways you can accomplish this is to use a ready-made tool like this one:

this will allow you to get solid search engine position with very few of the technical hassles normally associated with optimization.

3. Use AdSense Channels to see what gets the highest $/visit

AdSense provides a way to track which pages (and content) are providing you with the highest returns. By using this you can "tweak" your pages for higher click-thrus and profits.

While this is only the "tip of the ice berg" when it comes to making money from AdSense, putting these tips to work can get you started making your own "effort free" income

Copyright 2004 by Kevin Bidwell
Kevin Bidwell is owner of

Kevin just finished a complete report on building a passive income. Grab your copy here:

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