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How global marketing differs from international marketing

internationalmoney32208535.jpg Global Marketing is a lot different from international marketing.They seem similar but when you are creating and expanding your business you have to know the differences between the two.This way, when you are ready to expand, you will know which way is better and not worry about doing everything at once.

Global marketing is defined by the Oxford University Press as "marketing on a worldwide scale reconciling or taking commercial advantage of global operational differences, similarities and opportunities in order to meet global objectives."So basically global marketing is selling your product all over the world.It sounds a lot like international marketing or like the two are exactly the same but here are the differences.

Global marketing is basically when a company looks at the entire world as one market.There are no differences between a local market and the market 10,000 miles away.It views everything in the same way and not like it is any different in any specific ways.Global marketing is used by huge chain stores that sell only certain products.They usually won't bring anything different or new to the store near to you that might cater to a certain religion or cultural group, because they are based somewhere else.They usually won't bring in cultural foods or products, just because they are a general store.They sell the same exact products all over the world and the exact same things in every single store.

To become a global company a company has to use the "Four P's of marketing."They are price, promotion, product, and placement.A company doesn't just become a global company overnight but goes through several steps to become global.They have to have a global team.They have to have a global marketing plan.It takes time for a company to evolve from a local company to one that sells products all over the world.

International marketing is a little different still from global marketing.International marketing is when a company that is based in one country decides to sell products in another.It sets up offices and headquarters in the other countries.International marketing is almost like a franchise is being built, just in another country.The company still owns and operates the business in the other country, but the headquarters in the specific country cater the business to the country's needs.

You can still have a huge chain store using international marketing.The chain store still has its name and logos and products, but it sells mostly items that are specific to the country.It isn't based off of things that are say just American, but has things that are say French as well.

The advantages of the international marketing is that the executives are usually native to the country and so are familiar with customs and ideas that are best suited for the area.They still make most of the marketing and business decisions but have to report to the main headquarters in the country where the business started.

When you start off your business you usually start off with just one store or location and in your immediate area.Then you expand.When you are ready to expand and to start selling your products in different countries look at your product and how to want to portray it.Look at the pros and cons for global marketing versus international marketing and decide which would be better for your company and product.

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