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How to create a successful sales team.

What does it take to make a successful sales team? Well of course you need a manager, some sales people and something to sell. However, in addition to this, you nee to have motivation and a sales plan. Because, a sales team without motivation and a sells plan, sales will go down the toilet.

Every great team needs a well-trained, well-motivated leader. This is the first step to creating a successful sales team. If you hire a manager that is less than motivated, it is hard to get them to be able to motivate a team. You can train a manager many management skills, however, there is a certain type of personality that is needed to keep a team excited and motivated. This personality is a must for a sales team.

Here are some key characteristics of a good sales manager.

  • Excited about their job
  • Self Motivated
  • Hard working
  • Professional
  • Assertive
  • Someone who understands metrics and statistics
  • They need to be able to look at a problem and find the positives and answers to solving that problem.
  • Someone who looks at problems as challenges
  • They want to help others succeed
  • Money and goal driven

After you have found the perfect sales team manager, it is time to work with them to have them well trained in sales management training. Each good coach or manager needs to know how to play the game. They need to be able to be given the right tools in order for them to be able to help the other people on their team. Good training can make all the difference when it comes to making metrics that work for you.

This is where you will want to create a sales plan and make sure that the well-trained manger is fully trained on this plan. The plan needs to include goals, expectations, tools, and finally rewards.

Now that you have a well trained, motivated manager, you can start on the salespeople on your team. These people need to have several of the characteristics that the sales manager has. However, they need to be able to be non-evasive but assertive. The reason is that they have to have the ability to get in to the decision maker. This takes, tact and a friendly personality.

These salespeople if possible need to be chosen specifically for this team. If you are hiring internally, take the time to find the right crew. This is imperative to making the most sales happen. One negative person can affect an entire team. All of the members of this team need to be motivated well charged enthusiastic, and friendly. Not soft spoken, or shy what so ever. Sales are a profession that takes a specific type of personality.

After you have chosen this elite team of salespeople, it is time to make sure that they are trained. This is where a good sales trainer, and sales team manager will be able to work together to get the team up and running in the right direction.

In addition to the training they will receive at the time of new hire, it is important to maintain consistent coaching, and recognition of positive actions. It is important to reward for great sales number, awesome customer service and team motivation.

This recognition and coaching will help keep this exceptional team motivated and thriving to hit goals that have been set for them. This is where it is also important to keep your manager rewarded, so that they have an easier time motivating the team.

These tips should make it easy to create a successful sales team and keep them motivated.

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