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How to create memorable advertising messages:

Using creativity in your advertising messages is going to be the best way to make that message both lasting and memorable.

As with all business entering the market or releasing a new product, you must do market research. This research must first include knowing your competitors. What angles of the product are they currently focusing their attention on? What areas of advertising are they find success in? What needs of the consumers are they not meeting? And for advertising purposes, how well do their advertisements hook the consumers in?

How can your business be different from your competitors? If your competitors are currently rallying around one area of the market and focusing on that, than you need to target another area that makes your business stand out. For example, if all car companies that are selling sports utility vehicles are focusing on the power and speed of their brand of car, then you need to focus on the comfort and design of yours. Your consumers will apply the power of an SUV to your SUV simply though the other advertisements they see, but when they think of comfort, and of style, you want you company to be singled out.

Figure out ways to make your advertisements stand out among the crowd. Use bright colors, bold letters, cheesy slogans, anything to make the customer remember you. If you can, touch on the consumers emotions. This is where your creativity will be most used. Find their sense of humor and make them laugh, if your advertisement is not meant to promote a product but a message, make it sensitive and make them cry.Try to touch on all of their emotions at once (although typically this ends in confusion or laughter). The more emotions you can touch of your consumers the more lasting a memory you are going to make.

Open the idea of a new advertisement to everyone in your business. Through combing many different ideas, or sometimes through listening to the guy in the back of the room, you will find your perfect advertising pitch.

If you want your advertising to be really memorable make each advertisement different. Use a lot of humor. Make the consumer want to know what your next advertisement was. Companies who have excelled at this are, Gicko car insurance, beer companies, and even this year Nissan pulled out a few funny ones that made you wonder what was coming next. Although these companies may not sell a superior product, they get more business from their advertising then their competitors because they make their advertisements memorable.

After you have decided on and written, filmed, or designed an advertisement, test it in your market. See how they respond before officially releasing it, it's much easier to start over when just a few people have seen a lame advertisement than it is when a whole nation has seen it.
You will want to watch the emotions of the customers you try your advertisement on. Are they excited? Are they laughing? Are they crying? Do they seem interested? And after the advertisement has been seen do they remember who you are? If they don't it's probably safe to say you need to go back to the drawing board.

Advertisement can be boring, and get across simple information about your company, charity, or organization. Or the same advertisement can be a form of art, meant to touch people's emotions and make a lasting memory in their day to day life. The company that succeeds at making a lasting memory is the company that will find they have a large consumer base.

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