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How to differentiate your products

One of the most important components of successful marketing is product differentiation.If you don't know how to differentiate your products, then your marketing campaign and your business are, essentially and blatantly, doomed.

So what is product differentiation, exactly?Product differentiation is often known simply as differentiation.Product differentiation is, essentially, simply the practice of highlighting and pointing out the differences of a product or a service from other products or services.The point of this product differentiation and highlighting of differences between your product or service and others is to show why your product or service is more desirable and more attractive than other product and services for a particular target market or niche.This means that you have to differentiate your products not only from your competitors' products, but also from your own products, so that consumers can see the differences between your own products or services and will be able to decide which product or service will be best for them.

One of the best ways for you to get competitive advantage in your market niche is through product differentiation.One of the best ways to figure out how you should differentiate your products and what types of products will be most appealing to your consumers is through market research.Product differentiation is ultimately done by describing and highlighting the differences between your products and your services and both your other products and services and the products and services of your competitors.By conducting market research and discovering what your target consumers want, you can discern what aspects of your products and services are most important to your consumers and you can highlight why your products are different from other products and why they will fulfill your consumers' needs and wants better than other products.Your product differentiation must be of value to your consumers-otherwise it won't matter.This means that you don't want to highlight aspects of your products or services that are of no importance to consumers; instead, you want to zone in on what parts of your products and services your consumers really want, such as greater protection when it comes to Internet security software, or better customer service and lower prices if you own a rental car company.

One of the most important terms for you to understand when it comes to differentiating your products is unique selling proposition.Your unique selling proposition is advertising that you run that actually portrays and communicates your products' and your services' differentiation.Product differentiation doesn't actually always mean that you end up changing your product or your service, though it could lead to that.Instead, product differentiation can even just be a different way that you package your product, or a particular theme or idea in your marketing campaign.All that really matters with product differentiation is the differences that are perceived by your consumers.

Here are the primary areas of product differentiation:
-- differences in quality
-- differences in design
-- differences in features
-- differences in price
-- consumer understanding of the products and services they are buying
-- marketing and promotion, especially advertising
-- differences in location and availability of services and products

Product differentiation is an important part of marketing for anyone in the service industry, in the manufacturing industry, in the electronics industry, or any other industry.Product differentiation tells your consumers why they should go to you.This means that the first step in product differentiation is conducting market research to determine what is important to your target marketing niche; then talk to a specialist to help set up a marketing campaign that highlights why your products and services are superior and different in those areas that are most important to your consumers.

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