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How to make your email newsletter better

Many people think that email marketing is no longer a viable way to market. However, studies have shown that this type of marketing is in fact still very effective. You can use email marketing to keep in touch with your customers. This is most often done in a newsletter format that lets your customers know on a weekly or monthly basis what is going on with your business and gives them information about whatever products and services that you want to market. However, if you want your email newsletters to be effective then you need to focus on certain things. Many business owners make the mistake of having to much on their newsletter that distracts from their marketing message. Here is what you need to know about how to make your email newsletter better-

- Focus on your brand-You want to start by asking yourself if your customers can quickly identify who they are getting their email newsletter from. You want to have your brand up front and highly recognizable. This will help to build an effective marketing relationship with your customers. Your branding should include your logo and any contact information that would be helpful for the customers to know. When this is easily identifiable and highly visual you have already made your email newsletter better.
- Make it inviting-The design of your email newsletter should be highly inviting and attract your customers to read more. If your newsletter looks cluttered, doesn't flow, or seems hard to read chances are your customers won't try to power through to read it. Keep in mind that your customer's time is limited and they don't want to spend it trying to figure out what your email newsletter is all about. If your email newsletter keeps showing up like this your customers will most likely block you or simply delete it right away.
- Be consistent-One of the best ways to get recognition from your customers is by keeping it consistent with your other marketing materials. Not only will this make it easier to identify it will make it easier to read. You should concentrate on using colors that are similar to your website and any other marketing materials that you already have in use.
- Break it up-If you are sending out an email newsletter that is strictly text you may turn off a great number of readers. No one wants to read a report. You can interject some personality into your email newsletter by putting in some pictures and graphics. If you balance this right it will make the email newsletter that is far more appealing to your customers.
- Simplify it-All to often companies get carried away sending out email newsletters that have lots of fonts, and other added unnecessary features. You want to stick to just a couple of fonts and don't add anything that doesn't directly add to the efficiency of your customers receiving your marketing message.
- Offer content of value-You need to make sure that each time you send out an email newsletter that you are filling it with something of value for your customers. If you are just using your email newsletter to make a sales push you will soon find that your customers are blocking or just deleting it.
- Make it industry relevant-One of the most important things about using an email newsletter for marketing is that if you use it right you can position your company as an expert in your field. You need to make sure that you are including information that is relevant for your industry so that your customers realize that you know what you are talking about.

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