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How to use marketing strategies to build your clientele

Have you ever heard the saying it is harder to get a client and keep a client than to lose a client? Building up a clientele is a very difficult thing to do. Marketing strategies are a very important part of building up a clientele. It might be easy to find clients but keeping them happy and wanting them to come back time after time is another thing. You are probably spending a lot of time sending out flyers and advertising in newspapers and maybe even doing cold calling or presentations. These are all good marketing strategies. There are a few things to do to find what marketing strategies help build up your clientele.

Use every resource available to you. Making connections with clients is a key part of marketing strategies that help build your clientele. The problem is to know how to find a way to connect with the clients. This is where the marketing strategies come into play. First find what market is the best to target. Then figure out what their interests and needs are. Then you need to come up with a market strategy: whether it is a free coupon in the mail, or a workshop, or a newsletter. The first initial step is to do anything that you think will get a client to come in that door for the first time. Then after you have accomplished the first step start looking into marketing strategies to keep that client. Let the client know that you really value them and their opinions. Maybe by having them fill out a paper giving feedback on what they saw on your web site, or information on how they were treated when they were in your store. Then respond to the client with and e-mail or a phone call. Every time you make contact with a client it makes a deeper impression of you and your product so make sure to focus on the client and there problems and provide a solution. This will help create a bond with the client.

One of the best marketing strategies to build your clientele is to make a list of clients that keep coming back and make sure to keep in contact with them every month or so. Maybe even write down some things you talk about when you call. You do this so next time you call them you can ask about how an event went or what not and it will make the client know that you are genuine person and really care about them. If you talk to your clients frequently it will help keep them familiar with you and what you have to offer so if they have some one that is looking for something that you have to offer there is a good chance your client will refer their friend to you also.

Another marketing strategy to build your clientele is to build a network. Figure out who is really interested in your product. If you have something in common with someone they are more likely to trust you and want to do business with you because they might feel you know what you are talking about. In return they will recommend you to their friends and this is how you start to build your clientele.

If you do not have time to call and make a personal relationship with clients, try marketing strategy that will help you build your clientele by having your clients fill out a questionnaire and at the end have them list some names of people they would like to refer. This way you can contact them by e-mail and make reference to your client that referred them, this will automatically give you something in common with the potential client.

These are all marketing strategies that will help build clientele if use correctly. Remember it is harder to build a clientele than it is to lose it. So, make sure to always try your best to be interested in your client's problems and success.

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