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How to use pay per click marketing to take your business to the next level

Once you have mastered the basics of pay per click marketing you are ready to go to the next level. Here are some steps to follow to use pay per click marketing to take your business to the next level.

Step one:
Expand your vision. Now is the time to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to selling products or services with pay per click.
- Inventory - look in your inventory and see what else you have that you can easily sell through key words.

- Services - Can you provide any services to your customer through your website? This can cover customer service, tips and tricks, support, etc.
- Rejected items - now is the time to go back and look at items you didn't think would sell or were too hard to sell online and reevaluate them.

Step two:
Work on your key words. Now that you understand the importance of key words you should go back and look at the key words you have already chosen to see if they are the right words or if they are only close. If they are only close you might want to consider changing your key words to something more accurate. The better the key word the better the results you can achieve. Try to think of all the possible words and phrases that people will type in when trying to find your item the more detailed you are the better your key words can be.

Step three:
Optimize your landing page. This is important because this is where your customers are going to turn the click into a sale. So even though you tested it in the beginning you are going to want to go back and take a look to see if you can improve it. Try out different variations of landing pages until you find the one that you want. Remember you want the landing page to be easy to use, but you also want it to be clear and concise. If you do not have any advertising experience it is best to hire a company or somebody with advertising experience to design the landing page for you.

Step four:
Figure out what your competitors are doing. This is just as important online as it is in the business world. You will want to know which of your competitors are buying what key words and where they are buying them. You can do this through the internet usually for free. But just remember if you can track them they can also track you. You will also want to look at your competitors landing pages and their entire process. If you see something you really like think about how you can incorporate it into your sales pitch. But this is a good way of letting you know what your competitors are doing and how you can improve your methods to stay on the top.

Step five:
Look at your ads again. You need to look at your ads to see how you can improve them so that you can attract new customers to your website. When looking at your ad campaigns that you have been using previously you need to take all of the knowledge that you have already gained and apply it to your ad campaigns and your new goals.

Step six:
Get more tools and learn how to use them. Now that you have mastered key words and how to bid on them you will need to take additional steps to managing keywords. You will need to figure out a bidding strategy, which should include how much you are willingly to pay for key word clicks and then keeping track of and optimizing your bids and key word campaigns. Luckily there is software available that you can purchase (some is offered for free) that can help you organize everything you need for key word management.

By following these steps you are going to be able to take your business to the next level. You will be increasing your sales and generating new leads that can turn into sales.

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