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How to write a great guarantee in web copy

Web copy's must be carefully planned out and carefully designed. Most business web copy's are not merely informational, but are meant to create a greater customer base and hopefully generate some business. If this is the goal of your web copy, then there are a few steps you need to take before adding in a great guarantee.

Before you build your site, know your cliental. How young or old are they? What information are they going to be looking for when they come to your site? Your company may have a fantastic mission statement, a great eventual purpose, but maybe your customers just want to buy a pair of shoes. Give you customers what they want, make it fast and easily acceptable.

Capture your customers with a great headline. A powerful headline can expand your business quickly and effectively. If you're trying to dress your clients in a new pair of shoes, then use words that will fulfill their needs in your particular design of shoe. Words like, sexy, slimmer, taller, shocking, respect, are going to catch your customers attention and increase their desire to wear your shoe.

Make your site look professional. If it is your first time designing a site, hire some help. It is important that there be an organized, simple, and refreshing, look to your site. Your customers are going to want to know in a glance what they can find on your website. Use colors that compliment your product but are not overbearing to the customer. For instance many clothing companies who are going for a more seductive, night on the town, apparel line, are going to design their web sites in darker, richer colors. However clothing companies, who are designing every day wear for the every day person, are going to use simple, light, common colors that compliment the feeling of the clothing they are going for.A person in the shoe business may use a mixture of both.

Provide details about your product. Let your clients know the difference between your products and your competitors. You don't have to speak negatively about your competitors, let your uniqueness do the talking for itself. Provide enough details to your customers that they will see and understand the benefits of your company quickly, without having to read through a history to understand what makes you so unique.

Remember, you have ten seconds or less to capture your customers attention before they move on to what they might think is better. A great way to capture their attention is with photos. If you are providing a product, say shoes, strategically placed photos with tempting labels (using the catching words we talked about above) can immediately create interest and desire in your customers to read, know, and then buy, more. If you are not selling a product and you are building a site for informational purposes, photos are still a great way to keep your readers attention. A website copy that looks like a college essay may be quickly left, but if you can capture them with serene photos, and only the necessary information, you should be able to keep them a little longer.

And finally, with your web site well thought out, your customer base known, your information placed, and your design perfected, it's time for your guarantee. Your guarantee is what it going to make your customers trust you. How could anyone trust a product it's own company didn't stand by? They could not, simple as that. Make your guarantee large and visible on your website copy. Let your customers know immediately upon finding your website that you fully stand by your product. Give your customers a hundred percent money back guarantee, telling them to go ahead and try it and just see if they don't see how great your product is. Your guarantee is the only way on paper you are going to be trustworthy, so to make it great, make it visible, state it clearly, and stand by your product one hundred percent.

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