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How to write an effective creative brief


The purpose of a creative brief is to provide a clear understanding of your company, its purpose, inner workings, and current projects, to a creative team who can take that information and apply it to a work of art, graphic design, sculpture, etc. that will be used for a creative representation of your company.

If you have been assigned to write the creative brief you need to write as if you are talking with someone who knows nothing about your company.
In this way you can provide a clear and accurate understanding without assuming the creative team will know already who they are working for.

The style or format of your creative brief is not important so far as making clear your meaning and purpose. The style depends largely upon you and what you are most confident working in.

However the information contained in the briefing will generally be the same. Who are you? When did your company first begin? Where did it come from? Whose idea was it first? What team now runs it or what person?

What is the objective of this company?
What is your mission statement, your vision, and your positioning statement? Where do you hope this creative brief will take you? What message are you trying to convey?

Who is your audience? How large is your audience? How do these people live? What are they looking for from you? What are their needs and how do you believe you can fulfill them?

How is the creative team to get their message across? Will the creative team be using film, music, sculpture, graphic design, art, writing? What media outlets will be used? How do you plan to get your consumers attention through this creative design team?

What is the budget of the creative design team? How long can they take on this project? How often must they apprise you on their progress and update you on their goals?

Is there anything about the company that must be avoided, or that is being used by other competitors and you would want to be avoided to avoid monotony?

Is there any additional information about the company that would be helpful to the creative team to know before getting started? Any upcoming product releases? Are there any achievements that have been gained while your company has been in business?

As you can see your creative brief must be extremely thorough for the creative team so that they can accurately portray your company, its goals, and its needs.

Before you begin answering questions and explaining your company to the creative team you must first identify yourself. At the top of the page put your name and contact information, including, phone number, cell phone number, fax number, and email address. Also include the purpose of this project in only a couple of short sentences that the creative team might keep in mind your ultimate goal while coming up with their design.

Not only should you as the client expect appropriate and accurate work from your creative team, but your creative team should also expect to be able to use their talents to the best of their abilities to create a perfect product for you. You must work together to make sure your companies focus is remaining in tact and your creative team is not being too limited to ideas.

If you and your creative team do not communicate properly you will find that at the end of the project you will end up with an ineffective project that was a waste of time for you and your creative team, and a waste of money for your company. So be sure to communicate as much information as necessary so that you both benefit from this project.

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