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Leads + Sales = Profits!

In order to succeed with any business, you must make sales. In order to make sales you must get leads, in order to get leads you must advertise and promote your business! Leads+Sales=Profits! So what steps should you take to promote your new business?

The first thing you must decide is are you going to use paid or free advertising methods? One will cost you money, the other will cost you time. If you choose to use free ads online you must be prepared to post hundreds (literally) every day, as these markets are very saturated, and your ad can disappear in minutes! Free ads also are usually "non-targeted", meaning that you may or may not reach people who are interested in your business opportunity, or product. Free ads take a while to produce results, so you must be very patient and persistent if you choose this method.

Paid ads have a very big advantage over free ads--they are usually very targeted, you can reach a very specific audience of qualified people--people who are definitely interested in a business opportunity, or specific product. You can place paid ads in ezines and on business websites. Just do a search for "home business ezines" (or similar phrases) and you should get a list of ezines to look at. You can also do a search for "ezine directory" and get a list that way.

Once you find some ezines that look interesting, subscribe to them first and make sure they reach people you want to target. Also, make sure they have some content and are not just a list of ads--people don't stay subscribed to these very long!

Whether you use free or paid advertising methods it is very important that you "target" your ads as much as possible. Targeted ads will produce results much faster than untargeted ones. Also, in general, paid ads will produce results faster than free--this has definitely been my experience! I use primarily paid ads, although I post free ads as well. Ideally, you should use a combination of free and paid advertising methods to promote your business.

Getting "qualified leads" is a problem every business owner has--that's why advertising and promotion are a constant necessity! In general, the more ads you place in "targeted" areas the more "qualified leads" you will receive--which should result in more sales, and more profits! But not everyone can afford to place large numbers of paid ads. There is an alternative to buying multiple paid ads.

Advertising co-ops collect funds from their members then place many targeted ads with that money. The leads received from these ads are distributed among the members of the co-op, with each share representing a fixed number of leads. The number of leads received each month by a co-op can, and does, vary month-to-month. The advantage to being a co-op member is that you benefit from many ads, not just one or two. If you were to place the same amount of ads yourself it would cost you much more than the co-op share price.

All advertising is a repetitive testing process--find a location, pick an ad to place there, track the results. Keep running ads that work, "fix" or stop running ads that don't. The key here is to track your ads! Tracking your results is very important so you don't waste time and money on bad ads!

When you are starting a home business, ask yourself--how will I promote this business? How will I generate leads for this business? How will I track my results? What training systems, or tools, are available to help me? Remember the formula : Leads + Sales = Profits! Find out which tools will help you grow your business--then use them!

(c) 2004 John M. Hanevy
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