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Making sure your marketing mix is diverse enough, but not too much

When it comes to marketing many of you think that the best kind of marketing should be straight forward, simple, clear, and easy to understand. So what do they mean when they tell you to create the right marketing mix? One easy to way to understand this is to think in terms of people, look at how many different types of people there are in the world. Some people are straight forward; some are easy to understand, while others might be shy and harder to understand because they are not as open about what they want. Ever person is unique, complicated and unpredictable when it comes to a marketing view point. So what you need to do is to create a marketing mix that is diverse enough so it will allow you to communicate with a wide range of different people, but what you want to do is to make sure that it isn't too much. And sometimes trying to create just the right marketing mix can be harder than it sounds.

Here are some tips for helping you to create the right marketing mix for your company.

Tip one:

The first thing that you need to do is to look at the ways that you are currently advertising. As you know every company advertises but some companies do it better than others and the companies who create the right marketing mix do it the best of all. When looking at the ways your company is advertising you need to ask yourself some basic questions to be sure that you are getting the most out of your advertising. You need to ask yourself where people go to find out about your product, what your customers do besides using your product (such as read magazines or books), how well your customer base would understand technology and are they likely to use the internet, and any other questions that you can think of that focus on your customers and how they can see your product. Once you have answered these questions you need to be sure that your company is advertising in all of the areas that your customers access, such as television, radio, magazines, internet, shopping malls, billboards, etc.

Tip two:

Next you need to do some basic research about why certain customers buy certain products and what makes them buy those products instead of other products. This will help you to focus your marketing strategy on certain groups for certain products and other products for other age groups. If you are selling products or services to kids you need to keep in mind that your marketing will be reaching them, but you will also have to include some marketing that will allow you to reach their parents. In reaching the parents you want to make sure that they will allow their children to purchase your products.

Tip three:
Now that you have mastered the customer research about how, who and why they buy your products you are ready to come up with a marketing plan that will address all of your customers and all of their needs. Your marketing plan is going to need to include a variety of marketing techniques so that you can reach the larger group rather than just a targeted group. For instance if you sell a product to children you are going to want to use television ads that are shown on certain channels and during certain parts of the day so that you can reach a larger number of potential customers. But at the same time you are going to want to reach their parents with your ads, so they are going to need to be shown at a time that parents are more likely watching television with their children, etc.

Creating the right mix of marketing is a tough task, but with lots of research you will be able to create the right marketing mix for your customer base.

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