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Marketing in conjunction with holidays

gifts30355431.jpgMarketing in conjunction with holidays is a great way for a company to connect with their customers while increasing sales. This article discusses how a marketing group can market in conjunction with holidays.

The basic marketing strategy that a marketing group should use during the holidays is somewhat similar to the marketing strategy that they should have throughout the rest of the year. For example a marketing team still needs to include solving a customer's problem in their holiday marketing strategy. Solving a problem should always be the point of a marketing groups marketing strategy.

A marketing group should also try to stay on top of their target market's purchasing patterns as well as their interests, especially during holidays. And the marketing group needs to be able to connect with the timing of the decisions making of their customers.

Stand out

The main reason that a marketing group should market in conjunction with holidays is to stand out. The marketing group should try to stand out from the rest of their competition and they should try to stand out from the way they market the rest of the year. When a company has a marketing strategy that corresponds with a holiday they have a better chance of staying in their customer's mind during the holiday.

Think of all of the holidays

Of course most companies are aware of and market in conjunction with the bigger holidays, but it might be helpful for a marketing group to think about all of the little holidays that there are. Depending on the products and services that a company offers, they may be able to utilize a holiday for their marketing strategies that many companies overlook in their marketing strategies. This can help set a company apart.

For example, a company that sells things that have to do with Earth Day or Flag Day could use those holidays in their marketing campaign to beat out the competition that may overlook those holidays. Also, a company that has a target market that is more likely to observe less well known holidays like Pioneer Day or Grandparents Day could use those holidays in their marketing campaign to better stand out against their competition.

How to do it

There are several specific things that a marketing group needs to do when they decide to market in conjunction with holidays. They should first make a plan, then carry out their plan, and then follow up on their progress.

It is important that a marketing group makes a plan for their holiday marketing campaign. They should first decide what holidays they would like to market with. It is important that they choose holidays that will work best for their marketing campaigns and focus on those holidays instead of trying to make marketing campaigns in conjunction with too many holidays.

Next the marketing group should figure out just what they want to do to use the holidays in their marketing campaign. There are many things that a company can do to use holidays, especially with all of the new technology.

Decorate your website

One way that a marketing group can market in conjunction with holidays is by decorating their website to match the holiday. For example, a marketing group can decorate their website for Christmas, New Years, Halloween, the 4th of July, Valentine's Day, etc. They could even add holiday music if appropriate. Decorations and festive music get buyers in the mood to buy.

Send emails

A company could send out holiday emails to their customers alerting them about new products or specials that are being offered during the holidays.

Holiday commercials

A marketing group could also have holidays commercials with many of the same things, such as holiday music and holiday colors, that their decorated website might contain.

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