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Marketing to attract new customers

happyman19220291.jpgThe main objective of marketing is to attract new customers.It is logical to assume that the more customers you have the greater your profits will be.The objective of being a lucrative businessperson is to win the loyalty and ultimately the dollar of more customers.By doing so, you will have achieved a competitive advantage.Therefore, you need to find a strategy for attracting new customers that works for your budget and fits within your time constraints.Attracting new customers is not a science; there are many different ways to achieve the same goal of increasing sales through increasing the number of customers making purchases.The following are some ideas of different marketing strategies that you can use to achieve the objective of marketing to attract new customers.

  • Put yourself out there - Marketing is partially about projecting an image of your company and partially about just getting the word out that your company exists and has a product to offer.You cannot hope to attract new buyers if no one knows who you are and what you do.You can start small using referrals and word of mouth to get started.But eventually you will want to branch out.Participate in as many public events as possible.Go to trade shows, sponsor events, speak in the community, etc.
  • Minimize risks - No one wants to buy something if they perceive that the product may not work right, is overpriced, or has no warranty of quality to it. Smart marketers lessen the perceived risks of purchasing a product in a number of different ways.It is common to advertise that your products come with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.This strategy is also a good idea because it costs no money to implement.Sure, you will have the occasional disgruntled customer but the costs of refunding a small percentage of purchases will more than make up for the increase in customer sales that comes because of standing by your product.
  • Launch a website.Few methods of marketing are as far reaching as building a customer base by using the internet.Not only does launching a website allow you to better serve your current customers, but it makes for a very casual means for a potential customer to learn more about your company and get to know more about you before they make the investment to buy.Launching a website may cost some money if you need to hire someone to help you with the programming and design, but once the site is operational, the upkeep is minimal.
  • You have to spend money to make money (that means investing in advertising) - Many companies fail to adequately advertise because they are afraid of spending too much money.Fortunately, there are things that you can do to make the most out of the money that you are going to spend on advertising.First, you need to know where your customer is.Then you have to know how to get their attention.If you are unsure where to put your marketing dollar so that it does the most good, look to professionals in the field or experienced consultants for help.There are resources there for you.
  • Free offers - We all love to get things for free.You will frequently see marketers offering free samples, free 10 day trials, free or no-interest plans for a period of time, you can even offer a free seminar or class if your business offers a service.The internet makes giving people free things easier than ever before.You can have coupons or vouchers posted to your website and printed out by the consumer.This eliminates a good deal of the overhead costs of printing and distribution.The objective is to allow customers to see for themselves that the product you are offering is as good as you say that it is.

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