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Marketing to your peer group

Peer groups are a great way to brainstorm ideas and come to know how exactly to market to your clients. If you are marketing to your peers, you know this can be a difficult and challenging process. The purpose of the peer group is for you to gain feedback from them to help gain support for your ideas.

How do you market to your peers?
First, you have to act and look like a leader. Prepare a great presentation that you have rehearsed several times in the mirror to the point that you know it almost word for word. Come to the meeting early so you can set up your laptop if you are doing a PowerPoint presentation. Dress for success! Make sure you are not overdressed or underdressed. If this is a company retreat and everyone is in jeans, go ahead with that, but try a button up shirt instead of a hoodie!

Second, don't get flustered. Marketing to your peers can be intimidating. If you are scared of public speaking or get flustered in groups, now is not the time to panic. Take a deep breath and break up your marketing presentation. Looking to your PowerPoint show will help keep you on track and give you visual reminders of where you are. Ask your peers to hold all questions to the end. By doing this, it allows you to "get through" your rehearsed presentation without being taken off track by questions.

Third, don't be defensive! If your peers do not like your ideas and tell you to come up with a new idea, don't be mad! Ask questions to your peers as to what they would like to see and suggestions for improvement. At a business, it is important to remember we are all in it together trying to accomplish the same goal.

Focus on Marketing
Essentially many people make the mistake that marketing is the same thing as sales. It is not at all, they are totally different. While both fields may borrow concepts of the other, it is important to remember you are a marketer. Marketing to your peer group is not as bad as it sounds. Look at all the people in the peer group and decide what genre's they would like to hear. You most likely will have people from management to sales and in between.

When you market to your peers, start with the company motto or goal. Usually, it is about customer satisfaction or helping the customer. You get the point, it's about the customer. What do customers bring? Sales! So there is your starting point. Talk about how you are going to blitz the market to help increase sales.

How Do I show my Peers I can Market?
There are a lot of ways to go about doing marketing. Stating with the basics, identify your customer, know your product or service, look for ways to improve the relationship your company has with it's customers. Here are a few steps you can use in your presentation to your peer group:


  • SEO Marketing (Search Engine Marketing) - Anything to do with marketing on the web. Flash advertising, Pay-Per-Click campaigns and so on.

  • - Print Media (Newspapers, magazines, mailed campaigns)

  • - Follow-up impact (customer relationship building)

  • - Future (cell phone marketing, partnerships)

If you are new at this job, show how well you did with campaigns at your last job to wow your peers with experience, just don't over-do it, nobody like a showboat. Show your peers how you have evaluated all the existing marketing programs and how you intend to change them or start new unexplored ones.

All in all, marketing to your peer group will turn out to be rewarding for you. Your peers will provide input and also see you and your ideas in a new light.

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