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Outbound marketing: promotions and advertising

graph16220798.jpgAfter a marketing team conducts their marketing research, does some analyzing of their competitors, and prices their products, they are ready for outbound marketing. One of the very important aspects of outbound marketing is promotions and advertising. This article talks more about what promotions and advertising are and how a marketing team should go about promoting and advertising their company's goods and services.

What are promotions and advertising?

Promotions and advertising are when the company brings their goods and/or services to the attention of their customers (both their future and their present customers.) Good advertisements are generally geared toward a specific group of people-people who the company feels need or want and would buy their goods and or services. The promotions and advertisements will tell the customers what they should think about the goods and/or services that the company is offering and possibly encourage them to purchase them.

Making a plan

Just as with any type of outbound marketing, a marketing team has to make a plan before they can carry out their promotions and advertising. There are many things that a marketing team needs to consider. For example, they need to think about whom their target market is, what they want to convey to their target market using their advertisements, and how they will be able to get their future and current customers to perceive those things. Once the marketing team has the answers to these questions, they can then go on to choose a media for their promotions and advertisements.

Choosing a media

Choosing a media for a company's promotions and advertisements is an important thing. And there are several things to consider. A marketing team needs to first think about their target market. What communication media would be the best way to reach those groups or people? There are several communication media options to choose from. Newspaper, radio, television, signs or displays, word of mouth, direct mail, brochures, and special events are just a few of the ways that a marketing team can promote and advertise their goods and/or services to their target market.

A marketing team should also think about what they can afford. Certain types of communication media cost more than others and they can be pretty expensive. A marketing team should figure out their marketing budget and then decide how much they can use for promotion and advertising. Then the marketing team will be able to figure out what communication media will fit in their budget as well as reach their target market.

Measurement and evaluation

An important step to promotions and advertising is for the marketing team to measure and evaluate their marketing strategy. It is important for the marketing team to set goals in the planning stages of their marketing strategy so that they can compare their results with the goals they had set.

Since the main point of promoting and advertising goods and services for a company is to get customers who will then make sales or increasing sales for the company, one of the main goals of a marketing team could be a specific number of sales or increased sales.

But it is also important for a marketing team to realize that marketing in general is not just about getting sales, it is also about creating and keeping customers. A marketing team can evaluate their marketing strategy and measure their success by looking at how well they keep their customers as well as how much they increased in sales.

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