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Postcard printers comparison chart.


There are many options available for postcard printers. The biggest thing is to understanding your small or large business need.Ask yourself, how often and how many postcards you will be printing. What quality of postcards are you looking for?

There are many directories, tables and charts available for the consumer looking to evaluate the best postcard printer. Here is a sample of a basic postcard printer comparison chart.

Price (New) Speed Paper Type Connection Type
Sony UPDR 150 $1545 after $200. Mail in rebate 4x6 - :8s 5x7-10 s Glossy USB

Sony UPD 50
$2,940 :45s Glossy SCSI-II

Xerox 2650dn $449 12 ppm Glossy USB

Konica Minolta 5440 DL $730-2744 27 ppm Glossy USB

Mitsubishi 9000 $1,295 3.5x5 - :17s 4x6-20s Glossy USB

When reading over the postcard printer comparison charts there are several bits of information that will be key to the successful printing of your postcards.

People tend to go with names they know and trust. Though often times we miss the better option because we fail to do the research to find what meets our needs.

Of course staying within the price of the budget planned for this type of purchase is highly important. Though consider the overall cost of the supplies necessary to create the postcards, in addition to the cost of the replacement of the printer itself. Also keep in mind the cost of repair, upkeep and service.

Performance and speed is also a factor that needs to be considered and evaluated. Will you only be preparing a few post cards therefore there is no need for high-speed printing. Or, will you be reaching several customers a week with these postcards and want to utilize as much time as possible. As the old saying goes time is money. The average printer will print a 3.5x5 card in anywhere from 8 to 25 seconds.

Basically the type of paper can vary, but mostly these printers use glossy.
This is great because it catches the reader's eye. Each printer can respond to different types of paper. Depending on the quality of the printer the postcard paper will either go through easily or may need some help. Consider the time frame you will want to be spending on these post cards.

The size of postcard the printer will print is also important to know. Not having this information may limit your advertising.

Other factors to consider are the compatibility of the printer with your software and computer. Also, making sure the network compatibility and checking to see if an additional network device may be necessary. Some printers will be setup to be used as the default; others may take selecting the printer under printers and faxes in the control panel.

Will this printer be available for any other uses or will this printer be designated specifically for the postcards. Will you also be printing photos, documents etc.

There is a great deal of competition out there where printers are concerned as the smart consumer we need to ask questions. Research the data, and put the information gained to use for the benefit of the company.

Crisp, exciting in both black and white or color prints are the main objective.
Finding what tool we can use to print those postcards by using the postcard printer comparison chart will increase overall outreach to the consumer.

What kind of warranty is there for the printer? This can be found many times on the postcard printer comparison charts. Though, if it is not found there, it is easily found by placing the name of the printer in a search engine. Generally these printers have at least a one-year warranty.

Overall the main thing in evaluating the information on the postcard printer comparison chart is to ask questions. What do you need?

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