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Print marketing strategies

Print marketing strategies are marketing methods that involve the printing of information in a number of different forms.In today's world of downloads and web pages, the emphasis for print marketing has been removed form the spotlight.Nonetheless, print marketing remains a critical component in a company's marketing strategy, especially if the target market of that marketing strategy has a demand for printed materials.

Print marketing strategies include the printing of brochures, product catalogs, direct mail, product packaging and trade journal advertising.Chances are that you come in contact with print marketing at least once a day when you pick up your mail, if not more often!Print marketing strategies, when applied to the desired target market, play a vital role in communicating your brand and your products and services.Not only are your print marketing strategies designed to attract new customers but also to retain and excite existing customers about whatever it is that you are offering.

It is not always what you print that is necessarily going to be the biggest factor in an effective marketing strategy.The way that your information and packaging is printed or the print design says a lot about the product without even having to read a word. You want to have a print marketing strategy that is consistent.Do not confuse your target audience of buyers by having such a diverse line of literature that they are unable to connect all of the printed material that is produced to a single source.The design of your print marketing should be tailor made to your company, your brand, and the image that you are trying to portray.

If your target market is an older market (starting at about the age of 40-50) print marketing strategies are especially important to understand and implement.Research has shown that members of the older market are much more likely to purchase a product or service after they have obtained and read sufficient information about that product or service.The older market is less likely to see a commercial once and go looking for a product (as is often the case with younger members of the market).Older markets are more calculated and rational in their decision making process and will take their time especially if it is a larger purchase they are contemplating.Emotional decisions are typically outgrown and a member of the older market will use printed marketing strategies to review and re-review a product before making a purchasing decision.

Print marketing strategies are also important to markets that may need some explanation as to the nature of your product.If you have come up with a truly innovative idea that no one has ever seen before, chances are that you will need to work harder to get the word out about the product and printed materials can convey a more complicated message much more effectively in many cases.Take for example a hybrid car.From advertisements on TV and word of mouth we learn that a hybrid car is one that does not depend as heavily on gasoline.This limited knowledge is fine for those who do not have or plan on buying a hybrid car in the future.But don't you think that a seriously interested buyer of a hybrid car is going to want to know the details of what makes a hybrid so special?Of course!This type of potential customer is just one other example of why it is so important to not neglect your print marketing strategies.Your customers want to know that you are knowledgeable and can answer their questions quickly and efficiently in addition to simply grabbing their attention with a flashy advertisement.

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