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The Biggest Reason Marketing Campaigns Fail

concernedman19185284.jpgMarketing campaigns aren't always successful. It doesn't matter how big of a marketing budget you have, if it doesn't do what it is supposed to (drive in new customers or promote current customers to buy more products) then your business could bite the bullet. There is a direct correlation between a successful marketing campaign and how well you brand your business. If you are asking yourself why your marketing campaign failed after all the research you did, you will want to take a look at your brand. Problems with a brand create problems with a profit.

Standing out of the crowd in the busy market place is a daunting task and usually businesses will turn to marketing to help them achieve it. Marketing achieves one thing: brand awareness. So, if your brand is lacking and you are drawing attention to yourself, you've just approved a recipe for disaster. Instead of signing out for business bankruptcy, put your brand to work for you and create a brand strategy before you market it.

A brand is the message that makes your business unique, and when your brand's message is carried to the public it needs to be relevant, current, and attractive. Your brand's message must not only attract attention, but captivate potential customers. You want your branding to be so good that it makes your potential customers feel like they can't live without you. Your brand equals your customer's experience so either it can be made by you or your competitor can make it. It's your choice, but only one of those options will be profitable for you. Your brand is everything your potential customers (and current customers) think about your business when they see your marketing or come up against a need that you can fill.

Developing a brand strategy starts with identifying core values. Core values are what make a company stand the test of time. If you are having a hard time identifying you core values, ask yourself the question, "In fifty years, when I look back at what my business has done, why has my business survived?" If you can identify why people will buy from you rather than your competition, you've identified at least one of your core values. Once your core values are identified, your brand can be built around them so you will communicate your values to your customers without ever actually telling them why your business is so good. Core values could include customer satisfaction, innovation, staying one step ahead of the current technology, being the low-price leader, etc. More common core values include honesty, integrity, hard work, etc.

If you know what your core values are, you are ready to build your brand around them, but first you need to research your target market and see if your core values are really what your target market values. You want to research your strengths and weaknesses, what your competition is doing, and the most effective ways to present your brand.

When your target market likes what you have to offer, you're ready to make them a promise, supported by your brand. Your brand's promise is equal to your brand's message, but includes how your customers will benefit. "If you buy our product, you'll be." fill in the rest of the sentence and make sure it is relevant to your target market as well as engaging, unique, and can be made consistent throughout your entire business.

The rest of how you brand business is up to you but remember that successful branding includes the entire customer experience. Your brand is only as strong as your customers' worst experiences with your business and it will be reflected in your marketing campaign.

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