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Tips for making the most of the various survey techniques

When it comes to surveys or questionnaires in marketing both techniques tend to follow the same set of rules. With surveys there are a variety of ways that you can go about obtaining the answers such as fax back, direct mailing, face to face interviews and email responses.But when using these types of techniques there are some guidelines that you are going to want to follow so that you can make the most of the various techniques. Something to keep in mind is that using surveys or questionnaires is a great way to help find your target market as well.

Here are some tips that you should follow when creating the surveys or questionnaires so that you can make the most out of the various techniques.

Tip one:
When you are creating you questionnaire you are going to want to keep the questions simple. Do not use technical words that people not understand the meaning too, if you do decide to use those words make sure that you provide a definition so that your survey takers will understand the question.

Tip two:
When you are creating the questionnaire you are not going to know who your target market is, that is one of the points of the questionnaire. So to help determine who your target market is you are going to want to gather general information about the person filling it out such as age range, occupation, whether they have children, where they live, and any other important identifying questions.

Tip three:
Something to keep in mind when creating questions is that you need to ask questions that won't offend the people who are taking the survey. Some people get offended if you ask how much money they make, if they are employed, and other types of revealing personal information. If you include questions that are offensive you are going to run into the problem of people not responding to your survey.

Tip four:
If you are going to be mailing out surveys be sure to include an envelope with prepaid postage, this will increase your chances of getting the surveys back. This will also show your potential customers that you are thinking about their needs and are willing to spend money to get their opinions.

Tip five:
If you are going to be standing at the mall or other locations you should do so at different times and on different days. This will increase your chance of getting random data and can provide you with a large group to find your target market. Different groups tend to go shopping at different places and at different times.

Tip six:
If you are going to post your survey on your website you have automatically found your target market, but to get them to fill out your survey you can offer incentives or free information after they complete the survey. But you should also contact survey websites to find out the process to send your survey to them so that they can send it to their subscribers.

Tip seven:
Another thing you want to think about when using questionnaires is how long the questionnaire will be. The shorter the questionnaire the more likely people will fill it out. The average length of a questionnaire should be about 10 questions.

Tip eight:
Another thing you need to think about is how you are asking the questions, or the format of your survey. You can include multiple choice answers, text only answers, number only answers, etc. One thing you want to stay away from is leading questions and two questions in one sentence. Keep your questionnaire short and sweet.

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