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Tips for successful email marketing

Many business owners have assumed that email marketing has run its course. They feel that other types of online marketing have become more prevalent and successful. However, this is not necessarily true. There are multiple marketing studies that show that for some demographics email marketing is still highly effective. In addition, to being able to reach customers that may have been overlooked with other marketing methods email marketing is effective simply because email is still widely used.

You can use email marketing to let your customers know of new products or service, their benefits, and other developments with your company. However, there are certain guidelines that you need to stick with in order for your email marketing to be successful. These guidelines are-
- Make sure that you are not sending out to many emails-If you are constantly deluging your customers with emails not only will you lose the impact of your marketing message but your customers will quickly become annoyed and block you. Only send emails when you have some information of value that you want to share with your customers. This way they will begin to anticipate and look forward to your emails.
- Make sure that your emails offer something of value to your customers-It is not enough to time the sending of your emails. You need to also carefully judge the content. Will your customers appreciate the information that you are sending them? Are you offering them something of value? If you are not doing this it won't matter how few or how many emails you are sending.
- Make sure that you are sending emails that easy to read-Keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to attract your customers. This means that your emails need to be clear, concise, and easy to read. If you are sending out emails that require your customers to sift through them to find information there is little chance that your email marketing will be successful.
- Make sure that you know when to send the emails-Email marketing has been shown to be the most effective when it is sent on a Monday. You should avoid sending emails around holidays or other times when they are least likely to be read.
Keep in mind that there are different ways that you can use email. When you understand the different methods you can choose the one that best meets the needs of your customers. The different types of email marketing are-
- Email marketing to retain current customers-The point of this type of email marketing is to let your current customers know what is happening with the products and services that you currently offer. You want to remind your customers that you are still there and what you can offer them. This type of email marketing is often used to offer an incentive to existing customers to get them to return and buy from you. Make sure that you create a sense of urgency (expiration date etc.), so that your customers will act on any offered discounts quickly.
- Email marketing to interested, potential customers-This type of email is sent to someone who has signed up to be on your email list. He or she has voluntarily given their email address. You will need to send emails that will both educate and entice this customer to buy what you have to offer them.
- Email marketing to potential customers-This type of email is sent to potential customers. This type of email may or may not pay off since the customer has not directly contacted you to receive your emails. Marketing experts recommend that you spend the least amount of time on sending this type of email.

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