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Turning customers into your sales force

Let's face it-one of the biggest challenges of operating a business is selling your product. You might be able to produce a miracle item that everyone needs, but if you can't market it well you know that it will all be for nothing. Marketing is a huge business throughout the world, and many professionals spend years in school learning the tricks of the trade. Indeed, they truly are tricks; much of advertising is just putting a little spin on something to get someone to buy it. Most advertising executive and companies think that the best way to sell a product are well designed adds that stick in people's minds. While this is certainly true, there are other methods that are often not used as much as they should be. Consider how successful your business would be if you could turn all of your customers into your sales force. If every satisfied customer who left your business became a sales representative you can only imagine how much money you might make. Every person who leaves your business would go to their friends and family and actively get them involved. I'm not talking about some sort of pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing scam. There are strategies you can use to get your customers to be your sales force. Read below about how you can help your customers make this transition.

Obviously one of the best ways to make your customers your sales force is to leave them satisfied. When a customer leaves your business they should be satisfied, and if they are not satisfied you should know why. You need to form a relationship with your customers, even if you are only going to see them once. You can do this by talking with them about their experience and by figuring out what worked for them. By showing a definite interest in your customers you will help to convince them that you are a company that they should help to promote.

There are some other ways to get your customers to become your sales force. A very important one is to get your customers to actively bring in other customers through discounts. You promise returning customers a ten or twenty percent discount if they bring in a friend the next time they come. Obviously you can configure the deal in whatever way you like, but the point is to vastly expand your customer base through some discounts. You can also do this by inviting your customers to advertise your business through clothing. Many people don't realize that they are walking advertisements for all sorts of companies. We wear brands largely so that others can see what brands we are wearing. In a similar fashion you can wear a shirt or jacket with a company logo that helps to advertise your business. Help your customers advertise your business by providing them with shirts or coats with your business logo on them. This will be easiest if you can develop a cool logo and print it on quality clothing so that people want to wear it as a fashion statement. Imagine all ofyour customers walking around with your logo on their clothing. You would surely increase your sales by two or three times.

These are just a few ideas for helping your customers to become your sales force. Obviously you should do some brainstorming to figure out what will work best for you and your customers. Experiment with new customers and see what brings in the most new business.

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