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Using a blog to market your product

The modern blog is at something that has caught on like wildfire rather recently on the Internet. In just a few years, the number of blogs numbers in the tens of millions and continues to grow at an astonishing rate. As a result, it only makes sense that your company should join in on this phenomenon and be using a blog to market your product.

A blog (the word is shortened version of "web log") is a little different from a regular website. One difference is that they are simple to set up (there are pre-made templates on a variety of sits), free, and easy to update. The term "web log" perfectly describes what a blog's purpose is - it's basically an online journal where you keep track of whatever you want, day by day.Just log into your blog, say what you want, click post, and you're done. No wonder people are making, reading, and using blogs more often than ever.

While blogs can be a great way to network and to share opinions with various audiences and readers, a blog can be a great marketing tool for just about any business and industry. It can help drive customers to your business, encourage them to buy your product or service, give customers are more humanized view of what your company is all about, serve as resource for information related to your industry for users, and it can be fun for you as well.

There are many benefits to having a business blog in addition to your website (it's a great idea to have a link on your website to your blog, and vice versa).One benefit is that it makes your business seem human, instead of some cold, impersonal company. This is achieved because a blog is more informal and written in a conversational way.Customers can find blogs reassuring because they feel comfortable knowing that there are actual people at the business who will take care of their needs.

Blogs are also great for customer service since you and your blog's visitors can communicate easily. You post something about your product and someone may leave a comment, asking about a feature of the product or for more information. When you post on your blog again, you can address the question that person has. You can also improve your customer service with a blog in that you can constantly add new information that may be helpful and give further insights about your product. The fact that the information is fresh and updated most likely keeps your customers up-to-date and more satisfied.

So how do you get started? There are a variety of sites dedicated to blogs and setting them up. One of the most popular is and others sites, users pick a template they like, set up a profile, and come up with a name for their blog. The start-up process is the easy part - getting your message out in a way that markets your blog effectively is a little harder.

When coming up with the content of your blog, try to keep it in your voice, reflecting your personality. People like the informality of a blog because it seems more approachable and personal. Don't use jargon from your industry that a larger audience wouldn't understand. You can still specific, but you don't want the content to make readers feel confused or excluded. Write about anything related to your business or industry - this can range from updates about your product, reviews, news articles, and your personal opinion.

You should know your industry very well and your blog should reflect your enthusiasm for that particular industry. Before long, readers will turn to you as an expert in a particular field, one that they can turn to for the latest information and updates. Enjoy posting on your blog. View it as a way to express yourself and to share your knowledge.Readers will sense this enjoyment and expression, which will bring both traffic to your blog and customers to your business.

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