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Using email promotions that work


For several years, consumers have been blitzed with several different types of email promotions. Each company that sends out a promotion always has hope that the email recipients will respond by clicking on the link and purchasing a product. Using email promotions is actually a difficult marketing strategy because not everyone is quite as enthusiastic to share in your passion to sell a product or service. The other hard thing is that so many emails are sent that SPAM filters will actually send valid emails to that account and your customers may never hear from your company again.

To send out effective email promotions, you need to compile a solid list of contacts. Instead of relying on other companies to create lists and sell them to you, provide a section on your web site where people can opt-in on your mailing list. This is a great way to get solid leads as theses people actually want to receive your emails. When you take sales over the phone, ask customers for their email address so you can add them to their database. Building relationships with your customers and gaining their information is one of the best ways to create a strong database.

It also helps to limit the amount of emails you send your customers. You need to send enough to let them know you are still in existence, but you don't want to send too many emails because customers will add you to their junk filters quickly. Some companies send 3 promotions via email each week. This is considered excessive for most customers because they aren't going to buy with each email. The only reason companies send this many is to keep informing the customers that they exist so they can convince them to buy from them in a couple months versus right now.

Newsletters are one of the best email promotions because they allow your company to inform customers what is happening and you can slip a few ads in there without them realizing it. Use the newsletters to write articles that address important issues within your industry. Building your reputation with newsletters is a great way to improve your company's image and build your email list. Consider starting up a blog and ask customers to share their opinions. As you learn information from your customers, you can create posts that are focused on their concerns to strengthen your relationships with your customers.

A great way to sell your products through newsletters is to tell your customers a story and then pitch the product to them. This is a great way to gain a large newsletter following as your customers will start to become interested in reading other stories and learning how they can become successful.

Use your email campaigns to show your customers that you appreciate them. Send out thank-you letters via email or offer discounts with the thank-you letter. Having a thank-you email campaign is a great way to strengthen your customer relationships and build a strong database.

Always be respectful of the customers that ask to be removed from your email list. You may need to hang onto their address for billing purposes, but make sure you respect their wishes and quit sending them information they do not want.

If you truly want to become successful with your email promotions, make sure you quickly respond to your customers emails. Many of them will reply to the information you send, so you need to try and get back to them within a few hours or at least a day. The faster the response, the higher your chances will be of making a sale.

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