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Using teleseminars to boost online traffic


Small business owners have been using teleseminars to boost their online traffic. The best part about teleseminars is that they are free! You can even create them right from the comfort of your home. Teleseminars will cause people to come to your web site for additional information and to purchase certain products.

Most people use web sites like to promote their videos to a mass audience. Using a video-hosting web site is a great way to get your name out there, especially if you are trying to build your company's reputation.

In order to make money with teleseminars, you need to sit down and create a marketing strategy. This strategy must specifically target the correct audience so your teleseminars will be viewed. You can't just make a video about a certain topic if you have a small audience or an audience that doesn't frequent video hosting web sites like

One of the best ways to successfully use teleseminars involves sending the video to a list of subscribers. Have a sign-up area on your web site where interested customers can go to sign-up for free teleseminars. This is a great way to target the correct audience. This list will be one of your most powerful marketing tools since the individuals already understand your company and are "sold" on your products and services. Now all you need to do is establish your reputation with them and promote your business online. Encourage the individuals on your list to use referral marketing to get their friends involved in the teleseminar. This provides you with the opportunity to pitch your products or services to a new person and they won't question it too much because their friend or loved on already is sold on it.

The reason why many companies participate in teleseminars is because it's a great way to interact with customers and build a great long-lasting relationship. It's a great way to boost your sales while building your company reputation.

Once you have your target audience clearly identified, you need to determine what type of message they will be interested in. To figure this out, you can easily ask them what they want. Invite them to send responses via email or have discussions with some of them on the phone. If you notice many of them have the same problem, it will be simple to come up with a good teleconference.

So how do you go about building the list and connecting with your niche market? It's as easy as getting involved with discussion groups, forums, blogs, and newsletters. Sign-up with agencies that are similar to yours so you can keep in touch with the latest information. Make sure you are offering some of the same services as your affiliates and competitors. How else will you know if your business will survive if you don't know what your competitors are doing?

After the teleseminar is over, post a video of it on YouTube. You don't want to post all the information, as you want to drive people to your site. Instead post a "teaser" so that interested parties will turn to your web site for more information. This will also get them interested in joining the teleseminar the next time you host one.

Good promotion of your teleseminar is one of the only ways you will boost your online traffic with it. People want to see what you can offer them and this will come when you listen to their needs and hold teleseminars to address them. Try to host at least one teleseminar a month for your customers. As they become more popular, consider hosting weekly ones for interested parties.

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