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Ways to increase the response with direct mail marketing

chair30393486.JPGIf you are going to be using postcards as part of your direct mail marketing program, you are going to want to do everything that you can to increase your response rates. By increasing your response rates, you will be improving your chances of having an effective direct mail marketing campaign through postcards.

Here are some tips you can follow to improve your direct mail marketing campaign.

Tip one:
Begin thinking about the big idea. You need to come up with a great offer because that is what is going to motivate people to respond. By offering them a solid promise of value, you will make people more willing to respond to your offer, if you simply send them a pretty postcard they are not going to be very motivated. This is why you need to come up with the big offer before you start to design your postcard or the wording you are going to use. You want to figure out what will make people say things like "Wow! I can't pass this opportunity up!"

Tip two:
Once you have, the idea for the postcard figured out you will need to match that idea with the right group of people. You should already have a profile in mind about who your ideal customers are because that is simply basic business, if not know is the time to come up with that profile. You will want to obtain an in-house list of qualified prospects, if you don't already have one you can use a professional data company to obtain one for you. They will simply create a list of people based on the information you give them.

Tip three:
With postcards, you only have a brief moment to catch your reader's attention so you want to ensure that you have a great headline. You will want to have a strong and clear headline for your direct mail marketing campaign because it will help you get past those first few seconds, where they decide to continue reading or toss it in the trash. You want your headline to be easy to read at first glance, interesting in some way, and suggestive of what value is going to come. You will need to rewrite your headline as many times as necessary until you reach all three goals.

Tip four:
Your postcards are going to have limited space for you to work with, which is why they need to be done right from the start. You only want to have one dominant image on the non-address side of the postcard. You want to put some thought into the image that you select and make sure you do not select it just because you think it is pretty. You want to choose an image that is going to support your headline and one that will your potential clients will identify with, and engage them. You want to choose an eye-catching headline that is relevant to your headline and message, but one that is also relevant to the reader in some way.

Tip five:
You want to limit the scope of your message on a postcard to one major product or idea because of the limited space that you have. By limiting one idea to a postcard, you can develop it in ways that are more likely to get a response. The reason for this is that you can explain the primary benefits, include a testimonial or two, include product photos, and make a strong offer. This is not something that can be done while covering several products on one postcard, you want to save the multi-topics sales pitch for your website or brochures.

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