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What is a detail person?

As a business owner or an employee in charge of sales, it is quite possible that at some point in your career you have needed the assistance of an employee who can see the details more clearly than yourself.Sometimes it is easy to become so caught up in the busy day-to-day activities of one's job that you can no longer pay attention to the needs or wants or your customers.And when that starts to happen your business may suffer and you may loose clients, have a poor knowledge of your company's inventory or simply have unhappy customers.Luckily there is a solution: hire a "detail person" to work for your company.But what is a detail person?And what does a detail person do?And why would you want to hire a detail person?

First of all, what is a detail person?A detail person is a salesperson who works as a manufacturer's representative (a manufacturer's representative is a salesperson who works for a particular manufacturer; usually they work independently and on commission, representing several manufacturers).A detail person visits a manufacturer's customer and.takes care of details.Their primary responsibility is to promote goodwill between the manufacturer and client and keep them happy with the product or service offered.A detail person may suggest merchandising ideas, take orders for deliveries, check on the company's stock, and work with the client in any other way necessary in order to help with the sale of the manufacturer's product.

A detail person can also be a salesperson whose job is to increase business by gathering more customers.This kind of detail person is also known as a "missionary salesperson."The reason for this may be that in this situation the detail person may go from business to business trying to gather new customers, similar to missionaries going from house to house to convert people to their religion.A detail person provides potential customers with product information and other selling aspects.It is the detail person's task to persuade customers to buy the product.For example, a detail person may be hired by a pharmaceutical company to call on doctors and convince them to buy their prescription drugs over those of another company.

Now why would you want to hire a detail person?There are many answers to this question.Here are just some of the reasons why.
1. You are having trouble keeping track of all the needs of your customers on your own and need someone to help you do it.
2. You need someone to be sure that your customers are happy with their product at all times.
3. You need someone to check on the quality of the products going out to your customers.
4. You want to have someone working with the customers to see what kinds of new and innovative products they might like to purchase.
5. You need someone to keep track of your company's inventory who will also pay attention to the inventory of your customers (to encourage them to restock when necessary).
6. You need someone to sell your product to a wider range of customers.
7. Your company is suffering and you need an entirely new set of clients.
8. You want your product to be effectively marketed to your customers.
9. You want the information on your product to be delivered to your customers in an edifying and persuasive way.

In sum, a detail person can be a great asset to your company.The trick is finding one that best suits your needs.But once you have found your detail person, you will wonder how on earth you ever survived without them.

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