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What you need to know about email newsletters

Email can be a highly effective way to communicate with your customers. Not only is it very low costs, it can be very efficient in terms of how it reaches your customers. E-newsletters have become the method of choice, from many companies, to let their customers know about new products and other promotions. Using this type of marketing also allows you to build a relationship with your customers, which is truly the basis of good marketing. However, it is important to realize that email newsletters can only be effective if you are sending out emails that have real value to your customers and you are sending them out in a timely manner.

Businesses need to be quick to realize the when one of their customers or a potential customers, indicates that they would like to receive an email newsletter; this is an indication that you have attracted their interest. Savvy business owners take the chance to capitalize on this interest, and use it to build a relationship with that customer. Keep in mind that your customers are seeking real information of value, when they subscribe to your newsletter. If you can respond with a quality email newsletter, you will be doing what you need to do, to meet the expectations of your customer.

So that you know the value of using email newsletters, here is what you need to know about email newsletters-

  • Make sure they have the correct links-You should always have your email newsletter writer, check and recheck the links, before you send out any email. You want to make sure that the links actually work. Customers can become frustrated, if they receive emails where the links don't work. Do not be rushed to get your email out and make a mistake that could lead to non working link or worse yet, a link that takes your readers to a totally different location.

  • Offer opt out information-You should always put in an unsubscribe note, in any email newsletter you send out. This gives all of your readers the option to stop receiving the newsletter. You should also make sure that your program is designed to send a confirmation message automatically that lets the customer know they have opted out of the newsletter. This will make a meaningful and thoughtful impression with your reader, and perhaps lead them to come back later.

  • Always make sure that the information you send is valuable-You should never send an email newsletter, just to send one. If you don't have something valuable to say, then pass on sending fluff and meaningless information to your customers. The readers of your email newsletter will be looking for value, and if they continue to not able to find it, they will soon assume that you are spam and block you from their emails. Remember, that you are using your email newsletter to build a relationship with your customers, so value their time.

  • Make a great first impression-Once you have begun sending email newsletter, there is a pattern that you should follow. Most businesses begin by sending an email that welcomes the reader, and lets them know that you appreciate that they signed up to receive your emails. However, this is still not an excuse to send meaningless material, as you want to make sure that your customers know that you have information that is of value to them. By offering credible information in that first email along with links that lead to your archive, your customers can gain the marketing message that you are trying to send them. A good first impression is just the base to building a long lasting relationship with your customer, through the use of email newsletters.

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