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Where to submit online videos to get more website traffic

Once you have created your online video, you now need to submit it to the web to get the video to drive traffic to your website.A few years ago, this may have been a fairly daunting task.However, there are many sites that will support your video for free today.It is important to get your video to as many of these sites as possible.

You will want to make your video entertaining enough that others will want to host the video on their website.One of the best methods to get your video to the maximum amount of people is by using viral marketing.People like the video enough that they send it to their friends and family who forward it to their friends.You get many of these items forwarded to you.Think of the potential marketing power if you could have your video forwarded to everybody the same way.

However, to get the ball started you should submit your video to the following websites:

Some of the bigger sites that you will want to make sure you include are and also has a lot of videos, but tends to target a younger crowd.If this is the target audience, then make sure you upload to

Remember that this is not the all inclusive list.You will want to google the internet for more sites.Video sites are popping up nearly every day.Videos are very powerful and everybody is trying to get in on the action.However, the above list will give you a great start.

The included list has 29 different sites that you can load your video onto for free.However, depending on the length of your video, this could take 15 to 20 hours to upload to all of these sites.Additionally, if you have multiple videos, it will literally take you days to up load the videos to these sites.A good service to use is website will upload the video to these sites for a fee.If time is more important than money, then you should subscribe to this service.

Also, when you are submitting your videos, you will want to take care that you accurately input the information into their search engine.If you don't adequately describe the video then people who search the websites for videos will not be able to find yours.For instance, if you are selling a real estate book, you will want to make sure that real estate, book, houses, self help, for sale by owner, and other words are used to describe the video.The better you can describe the video when you upload it to the website, the more people will be able to find your video when they search for it.

Last, do not pick and choose which sites to upload your video too.In an advertising campaign quantity is what counts.You may not want to load it to a site like MTV if you disagree with their political views, but unless it is related in some way to your product it is more important to get the most coverage as possible.Hence, submit to all the sites that are willing to host your videos.

In summary, there are many sites that will host your advertising videos for free.Search the web to find these sites and then submit your videos.You may subscribe to a site to upload your videos if you want to save some time in the process.

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