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5 ways to choose your method of distribution for your target market

Any business owner knows that one of the most important ways to success is properly marketing your product or service to your customers.And in order to do that you need to know who your target market is.Once you've chosen your target market, you need to decide the best ways to advertise and distribute your product or service to your customers.But how can you choose?There are so many options-mail, TV offers, kiosks in the mall, grocery store coupons, etc.What you need to realize is that your method of distribution directly ties into your target market.So if you're in need of some guidance in this matter, keep reading.You will learn 5 ways to choose your method of distribution for your target market.

In order to market your service, it is essential that you tailor your efforts to a particular group of the population so that the people seeing your product/service will be the most likely to buy it.So it is imperative that you first clearly identify who your customers are.This is not to say that people not in your target market will not buy your product-it is quite to the contrary.If you have a good product, the chances are high that almost anyone could be interested in it.However, your success will be greater if you market specifically to one group.

There are three major types of markets:
1. Consumer market: this includes individuals and households who buy goods for their own use of benefit (think drug and/or grocery items as the most common types of these products)
2. Industrial market: this includes individuals, groups or organizations that purchase your product for use in producing other products
3. Reseller market: this includes middlemen or intermediaries, such as wholesalers and retailers who buy finished goods and resell them for a profit.
Think about what kind of product you have.Where does it fit in this list?

Once you've identified your target market, you need to determine how to reach them.How are you going to distribute your product or service to them?Here are some questions to help you decide how to choose your method of distribution.

1. What do your customers do?If your target market is stay-at-home moms, you could market your product during day-time television or in wholesale superstores like Costco or BJs.If your target market is middle-aged, lower-income males, you might choose to market your product in certain magazines or during evening televisions.
2. What methods of distribution are best suited for your product?It's possible that your product would not sell well if seen on an infomercial.In this case, you should avoid infomercials and look to another type of distribution.Maybe it would do better as a consignment.
3. Who are your competitors and what methods of distribution do they use?Looking at these two points may give you a better idea of where you should be headed with your product.
4. What kind of advertising message do you want to send?Your method of distribution has important implications that affect your advertising message.You must take into account your target market's opinions and lifestyle when answering this questions.
5. Does your level of available capital or production capacities restrict your chose of distribution methods?It is possible that your desired method or distribution is too pricey or complicated for your company at this point.Therefore you may have to look for other alternatives in distribution.

When determining your method of distribution, you may not know right away which process would be best for you.It may take a few tries before you finally find the marketing strategy that works best for your company and offers the highest rate of success.

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