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All about different styles of managing a small business

business41865609.jpgThere are different styles of managing your small business. It is important to understand that every business has its own management style, and you must be able to work out a style that fits your needs,and the business needs, simultaneously.The success of your small business depends on the business management style that you will use running it. While there are several business management styles out there,there are 3 that are quite popular with most small business owners. Here is what you need to know about different styles of managing a small business-

  • Democratic Management-This style of management consists of trusting in your employees and their abilities. Many business management experts feel that this is a great way to manage your business as you will hand over a lot of the responsibilities to your employees. This will then give them a chance to work hard,and achieve results that you and they both see fit. Trusting in your staff can be huge for their motivation,and job satisfaction. This type of management is great for small businesses, since you cannot do it all on your own. However, you will need to be able to delegate a lot of the job responsibilities to other people. This means that you must have a staff of highly motivated individuals. This will be essential to the success of your business. The bottom line is that in order for this type of management to work, you will need to have employees that have strong job skills and the motivation to work hard. In addition, you must be able to trust them to work effectively,when you are not around in order for this type of management to work.
  • Autocratic Management-Using this management style means that you are the boss,and you are in charge of the business and how it's going to run. Your employees will be expected to listen to you , and to report to you in a timely manner. A lot of small business owners operate in this style,because this business is their livelihood, and they need to rely on it in order to provide for their families. The problem with this is that the boss is often taking on too many jobs, and having a hard time trusting employees with key roles and responsibilities, within the business. In addition, this type of management style can be difficult to work for,as you can step on people's toes and stifle their creativity. Autocratic management is now considered an old-school way of running a business,as most new businesses operate with a relaxed method. You should be careful about this type of management, as it can leave your employees with low job satisfaction and motivation levels.
  • "Come What May" Management-There are some managers out there that really do not want to have a lot of involvement with the business. They will take a backseat to the hard work,and allow their employees to control and run the company. It is important to realize that employees having such power and free-rein over their own jobs can be dangerous. This is because not everyone has the same work ethic,and drive,that you do and this can cause things to take a long time to get done. Keep in mind that when you aren't managing your employees, its' going to be hard for your employees to know what to do. They won't have a clear sense of direction and this will lead to problems within the organization.Keep in mind that this can work depending upon your personality. If you are the type of manager that likes to oversee your employees without needing to micromanage them, this can work for you.
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