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Avoiding bookkeeper fraud

As a small business owner you will have a lot of control over the books along with payroll and other financial matters. As your business grows and you decide you need a vacation, who is left behind to care for your business books? You will need to leave the simple method up to one of your regular employees or you may decide that your business is large enough now that it's time to hire a bookkeeper. Bookkeeping usually involves inputting numbers, negotiating prices with vendors, and managing payroll. It can take a huge burden off your shoulders to place it into the hands of another person but with that can also come risk. Bookkeeper fraud is not uncommon as these individuals see the numbers all the time and have access to your accounts. It's easy for them to find a way to start taking off a cent here and there until they have built up a nice nest egg and you are wondering what is going on with your product mark up rates and other things that may be behind the sudden drop in your income.

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Protecting your small business

meninsuitswordfight32346821.jpgWhen it comes to the security of your customer's information, you need to be extremely careful. If a hacker can get into your web site and steal their information, you risk losing your business. There are other things you need to protect with your small business like your assets such as equipment, data files, and online information. Here are some tips to help you protect your small business.

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How to set up your company's surveillance system.


Setting up the defense, your company requires begins with the knowledge of setting up your company's surveillance system.

Understanding your business, and its surroundings; anyone can do things like keep the windows and doors locked. However, security is more than that. The criminals are getting more high tech and smarter. This article is to help arm you with knowledge.

A surveillance system has many uses, including security. Use it to keep an eye on the cash register and make sure your employees do not have "sticky fingers." Watch the back door for deliveries, and watch the entry for people that enter your establishment while you are working in the back room.

There are a few options available to use for surveillance systems.

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