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Which Online Postage Service is Best?

The Internet has brought a whole new meaning to "convenience" with the wide variety of online services that are available to anyone and everyone.One fairly recent convenience that has been developed for both individuals and business owners is the appearance of online postage services.

Because there are a few different companies that offer this service, if you are a small business owner you will want to take the time to determine which online postage service is best for your particular needs.There are currently five major online postage services that meet the requirements set forth by the United States Postal Service to qualify as valid USPS postage methods.

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Using Personalized Postage Stamps

Using personalized postage stamps for your small business is a newly emerging way to set yourself apart from the pack by adding that extra personal touch to your outgoing mail.There are relatively few companies that will create these custom postage stamps for your small business, but there are also a few machines you can purchase for creating your own personalized postage stamps.

Using personalized postage stamps for your small business provides the following potential benefits:

  • Business promotion - Personalized postage stamps can be a form of creative advertising and ensure that your mailed correspondence stands out from the crowd.
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