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Changing Your Customer Engagement Method

What is happening with the sales of your company? Do you have people giving you the right type of engagement with the customers? Are they happy? Your customers need to be able to give you the right type of involvement with the company as long as you are able to give people the involvement that they want. You must be able to give the customers something that they want and to make them feel wanted and respected by the company. When you show them that you value them, it makes everything better for you and the customers.

How can you engage the customers? You need to look at all of the different options that can give you assistance in engaging the customers. Where are they getting their information from? The internet is likely one of the right resources that your customers are using in order to give you the proper information to benefit the company. How about creating a presence on the sites that the customers really use like Twitter and Facebook? You can engage the customers in a different way with these sites. Twitter is for timely information to generate quick traffic where Facebook is more on building relationships. With Facebook you can also send out quick information for leads but you can really talk to the customers and respond to them when they post on your wall. People want to know that you hear them. Respond to them promptly so they see that you listen to them.

Another great way to get the customers involved and to know that you are here to listen and to give them the information they want is by offering a blog where you can give them the information they want to read. People want in-depth information about the company and using a blog helps you out since you can respond to them and what they want to see from your organization.

What people want from your company is to see a relationship with them and not just small interactions here and there. You can easily provide them with a relationship with the social channels that are out there and can help your company to really expand the organization's online presence.

So you may be wondering if it actually works to have your company involved in social media to engage the customers. According to a number of recent studies, customer engagement will improve with loyalty by about 40% if you will be able to promote your brand online and will actually show the customers that you are focused on giving them higher service.

In our society the marketing world has changed, now it is focused more on helping people to have a nice interaction and not as much as the past where the sell first method was always pushed. People want to feel that customer service is the agenda, not the money. While you have to get the money to stay afloat, you can easily have the service that is valued and respected and will be able to get people to come back to the company over and over as long as they do feel that your company really does want to help them and does want to give a long-term relationship of good products and customer service to them.

Use customer surveys and other things to help you in finding out a number of things from them as to what you are doing right and wrong. You should look at the overall experience that people are having with the company and what they want to see in the future. The more you can help the customers to have better interactions, the more they will feel their value and that you do listen.

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