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Funding options for your small business

walletwithmoney8252668.jpgStarting up a small business can actually take quite a bit of money. And for a small business to continue to run and be successful it will also need money. This article discuses several of the options a small business owner has for funding their small business.

Friends and family

One way that a future small business owner can get funding for their small business is by asking their friends and family if they would like to invest in their business. This can be a great route for a person to get the funding they need for their small business when they do not have very good credit and could not get a small business loan from a bank.

But even though this transaction may seem less formal, borrowing money from friends and family members should be treated just as if the person is borrowing money from a bank. It would be a good idea to have paperwork written up and have specific numbers and dates written down to make the investment or the loan official.

A person should be cautious when borrowing money from their friends or family however. The relationships can suffer when a person who borrows money for a small business is irresponsible with the money. If a person wants to make sure the relationships with their friends and/or family are not strained because of their small business, it would be best for them not to borrow money from their family or friends for their small business.


Another option for funding a small business is for the small business owner to save their money. This funding option can take a lot of time, but it does have a few perks. For example, a person who saves money to fund their small business does not have to deal with the hassle of asking for a loan or paying back any interest.

A person can begin to save their money and use it to start up their small business. Or a small business owner can save money and set it aside for their small business' cash reserve. If the small business experiences a rough patch or needs some extra money to help with their cash flow, the small business owner will not have to borrow the money, they will already have it set aside.

Borrow from a bank

Borrowing from a bank is probably one of the first funding options that people think about when they want to start up a small business. Getting a small business loan can be a great way for a small business owner to build up their business credit while funding their small business. And a small business owner may also need to borrow money from the bank to help their business grow after they have been in business for several years.

To get a small business loan with a good interest rate, a business owner may need a good personal credit history, and their business will definitely need a good business credit history. Preparing a thorough business plan and having documentation stating what they plan on doing with the money they borrow is also essential for a person to get a small business loan.

Invoice factoring

Invoice factoring can be a great option for small business to help them fund their day-to-day business transactions each month. Invoice factoring can give a small business the money they need for their cash flow.

If a small business has customers who purchase the goods or services the business offers on credit, the business may not have a good cash flow until their customers pay their invoices off. With invoice factoring, the small business will get some of the money from the invoice before the customer pays it off and then when they customer pays their invoice off in full they get the remaining amount minus a small fee.

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