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Getting a small business loan

bills39158685.jpgGetting a small business loan takes a lot of time and preparation. This article discusses some of the essential information that a future small business owner needs to know in order for them to get a small business loan.

Understanding what it takes

When a future small business owner is trying to get a small business loan, especially for the first time, much of what getting their small business loan will depend on is their own financial history since they do not have any business credit history for the banks to look into. Therefore, it is very important for a person to have a good credit score as well as a good credit history. The bank or lending institution will want to have the peace of mind that comes from a good credit history so they know that the person is able to take care of their finances. Usually when a person can take care of their own money they have a better chance to do well with their small business' money.

Another essential item a future small business owner must have in order for them to get a small business loan is a business plan for the small business they hope to start. A business plan will not only supply the future business owner with the information and plans they need to create a successful small business, but it can also help prove to the lending institution that they are taking less of a risk since the business owner has a thorough plan of how they plan to run a successful small business.

The education and experience that the future business owner has will likely also come into play when they are looking to get a small business loan. Once again, the lender likes to see that they are taking a little less of a risk on a future business owner when lending them money. If a person has the education and experience that the lender feels is sufficient to start the small business then they will be more willing to give the person the money they need.


A future small business owner should be sure to spend the amount of time necessary to thoroughly prepare the information and documents that are necessary for them to get the small business loan they are hoping for. Spending a lot of time on a proper business plan can only help the future small business owner as well. The more information they have the better predictions they will have about their business future. This can only help their cause to get a loan and will also help them throughout their years in business.

Most lending institutions will also require a person looking for a small business loan to fill out an application. This application usually has much of the necessary information that the bank needs in order to evaluate the risks involved in giving the person the small business loan they are asking for.

Of course it is always important for the future business owner to know just how much money they need and will ask for from the lending institution. It is never a good idea for a future business owner to ask for too much money. The business plan should tell the lender what the business owner plans to do with the money they are given and lenders usually know when a person is asking for too much money. Plus even if the future business owner did get more money than they need they may struggle to pay back their small business loan.

Try and try again

Just because one bank or lending institution says no to giving a person a small business loan does not mean they are completely out of luck and that no other lending institution will be willing to give them the money they need to start their business. A future business owner needs to be willing to take their business plan and the rest o f their important information that they need to get a small business loan and meet with several banks and lending institution. Different banks and lending institutions vary in size and their rules concerning lending may be different too. Some may be more willing than others to take chances on a future small business owner.

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