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How to come up with a great small business slogan

logo10035012.jpgSmall businesses have a hard time in this world. They have little capital and they are severely affected by small changes in the economy. They can literally loose everything overnight. Many of them have limited reputations or experience, meaning that it can be difficult to get investors and for them to grow. They also rarely can bring in help from outside areas, so they have to rely on whatever they can get from the surrounding area. All of these problems and many more confront the small business owner. So how can you improve your small business? Obviously there is advertising and word of mouth. These are great methods, but you need to have a particular way of representing your business or your advertising might not do anything.

If you think about it, the best advertisements you see are not annoying. With so many bad commercials out there, people just hate seeing a bad one. They are bored by bad advertising and simply don't pay attention to it. The best advertisements are the ones that don't really seem to be advertisements. They contains some sort of entertaining slogan or story. They are more about life than they are about a particular product.

They often also seem fairly down to earth and reasonable in their approach. Good advertising is hard to come up with because it requires some real creativity and intelligence. This does not mean, however, that you need to hire a fancy advertising firm to come up with a new image for you small business. One of the things that will help yoru small business to appear competent is a good slogan. But how do you come up with a catchy and entertaining slogan?

This can be more difficult than you would think. Many company slogans are either annoying or not unique enough to help set the business apart. The first thing for you to think about when developing a slogan is the nature of your business. Are you selling party favors or insurance. Think about your average customer. Do they want to laugh when they think of your business or should they feel secure? An insurance company with a very funny logo might not help its customers to feel very safe or protected. A party favor store that has a serious slogan will not appear very fun.

Once you have considered the nature of your business you are ready to start making the slogan. Survey some of the slogans of other local businesses. Identify the ones that you think are good and the ones that you think are bad. Make a list of slogans for your business. A slogan cannot be too short, although it should be long enough to convey some sort of idea. A big part of a slogan is also how it sounds when said. A slogan should be like poetry. The form of the language is as important as the content.

Once you have your list of possible slogans try them on your friends. Ask for their absolute and honest opinions. This could be a slightly painful experience as you are laughed at in some cases and praised in others. Gradually eliminate the bad ones and create a new list of better slogans. Keep narrowing the list until you have a few different possiblities. Finally, make the decision and pick the one you feel best represents what you do. Remember that creativity is the source of almost all business success. A creative slogan will set you apart and help your small business grow quickly.

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