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How to determine allowable expenses for your home business

How to determine what are allowable expenses for your home business. This is a difficult task because; in the beginning of starting a home business three factors weigh in to what your expenses will be.

1. Needs to get started
2. Wants to make it happen
3. Excited purchases

There are real needs the much be purchased in most cases for a home business to get up and running. However, with many small businesses the funding can be very limited in the beginning. Therefore it will be very important to weigh out what is a want and what is a need.

The need expenses are items that must be available in order for the home business to function. These would include expenses like these.

a. Rent
b. Utilities
c. Computer (if internet, billing etc is needed)
d. Supplies for sales or services
e. Internet connection
f. Some work place
g. Envelopes for billing
h. Pencil, pen and paper

These are going to be the basics. There are other needs that are not listed; however you get the idea. There are wants and excited purchases that we make when we want to get something of the ground and the dream is bigger than reality. These purchases are like these.

a. Soda machine (unless your home business is a vending service)
b. Ford Super cab with and extended bed (unless you will be making large pickups or deliveries)
c. $5000 desk or other expensive furniture
d. Receptionist (unless your business really calls for it)

You will be able to see what the needs and wants are. This is where you will need to do a little analytical thinking. The fun stuff is nice to have. However rememver that with a home business much like a small business, it is necessary to hang on to every penny possible. Because if you do not, you will find that in the dry times, your business can fail. This is why so many small businesses go under.

When you create your business plan and budget, it will help you to manage what money is needed and what money can be put away. As you are writing your budget you will be able to sit back and consider what it is you will really need.

It is better to start off meager in the beginning and get past the first five years of business with the small stuff, then start to upgrade to the better items, services etc.

Another way to look at what allowable expenses are in the first year is the use of what the IRS allows. This helps a little. Now of course they will let your write off a $5000 desk, so that is not what I mean., What I mean is that there are expenses like uniforms, travel, cleaning, phones etc., that the IRS allows for write offs.

The IRS allows for a car as a write off, the gas in that car and the service that the car needs to be maintained. Again though when you are considering what expenses you should have and not have, the type of car you purchase should reflect that. Therefore if you travel a great deal, but only need a small amount of room, it is better to get a small car for fuel expenses. If you need a larger truck for transferring equipments, supplies etc, then you will want to find the most cost effective truck.

It is all about weighing out what you will absolutely need until your home business becomes more stable. Then you will be set to make more extravagant purchases in the long run. This is the basic information of how to determine allowable expenses for your home business. If you want to look at what the IRS allows, visit

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