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How to Find a Good First Employee

When starting up a new business, one important consideration is whether or not to hire any employees right away.Most businesses cannot be run by the owner/manager alone, so learning how to find a good first employee is crucial to the initial success of the new company.

A good employee can be defined as an individual that is hardworking, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.Flaws in any of these three categories could prove to be very detrimental to your business either now or further down the road.

First, hardworking:It seems to be harder and harder to find employees who are willing to give one hundred percent to the company they work for right from the day they are hired.People tend to want more money and benefits without wanting to put in the effort that it takes to deserve a well paying job complete with a great benefit package.Ensuring that the person you hire has what it takes to be a hardworking, dependable employee should be a top priority when looking for that good first employee.

Second, knowledgeable:Naturally you should desire to hire someone who either already has experience in the job position you are trying to fill or who shows the potential to learn what is necessary to succeed.A knowledgeable individual is an asset for any company.When interviewing potential employees, be certain to ask specific questions regarding an individuals training, experience, and ability to learn and apply any applicable training required to perform the job.

Third, trustworthy:Companies everywhere take strict measures against external theft, fraud, and other security breaches.Equal measures should be taken to protect against internal theft.It is reported that at least fifty percent of all employees have been known to steal from their employers.It is sometimes hard to determine how trustworthy someone is.Asking for personal and professional references and then actually checking those references before making a hiring decision is one way that you can begin to determine an individual's trustworthiness.Conducting a background check when applicable has saved many employees from the heartache of hiring a questionable individual.

So, now that you know what traits to look for when hiring that first employee, where do you go to find that individual?A few great resources include the following:

Other industry professionals:Whether you're just starting out or have been a business owner for a while, chances are you have business associates whose opinion you value.Networking with other industry professionals is one resource you can utilize when looking for a good first employee.Don't be afraid to ask around.Oftentimes other business owners know of qualified individuals who have applied for work when there weren't any openings who might be interested in working for you instead.

Referrals:Asking close friends and family members for personal referrals regarding potential employees is another place you could start.Friends and family members generally care about the success of your business and will be more likely to refer quality individuals with whom they have had personal dealings.This is less risky than placing an open advertisement.

State agencies:State agencies such as the department of workforce services is one way to reach a large number of people without paying to place a help wanted ad.Individuals who are registered with workforce services are typically more serious applicants who are ready and willing to get to work right away.Check with your local DWS for the proper procedure to placing a help wanted ad with them.

Professional staffing companies:Professional staffing companies have a few benefits, such as the ability to give a new employee a "trial run" without having to officially hire anyone.Many times you can hire someone on a temporary basis and if they work out great you can make the job permanent.If they don't work out, you send them back to the staffing company within the first 30-60 days without any great risks.

Finding a hardworking, knowledgeable, trustworthy employee doesn't have to feel like an impossible task.Utilizing the above named resources can make your job a lot easier when you are ready to start hiring.Now that you know how to find a good first employee, go ahead and start making your job a little bit easier.

Meta-description:Finding a good first employee can be made easier by utilizing referrals from other industry professionals, friends and family members, and by communicating with local state agencies and staffing companies.

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